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Exadel and Fare's mobile app success story


Transportation success story

project details

Scalable Rideshare Mobile Platform

about Fare

Fare is a new venture from the founders of GlobalTranz, a successful transportation company that specializes in less-than-truckload and full-truckload freight, supply chain logistics, and warehousing. GlobalTranz is a continued client of Exadel's.


After multiple app development successes, the founders of GlobalTranz re-engaged Exadel in the development of Fare's mobile app. The platform was designed to fill a need in the rideshare market. A need that would facilitate personal driver/rider relationships with features like scheduled rides and preferred drivers.

Fare approached Exadel with an idea, prototype designs, and a feature set. Together, Exadel and Fare developed a roadmap for the project, outlining the business needs and strategy in order to launch the product in an aggressive timeframe.


Exadel was the architect of the front end, back end, mobile product, and cloud integration necessary to support Fare’s nationwide expansion. Four different native mobile applications were written to support each platform. The Android applications were written using Java. The iOS apps started as Objective-C applications and were later ported to Swift. In addition to a customized technology stack that allowed for rapid development, Exadel also helped facilitate the staffing of Fare's internal development team. Post launch, Exadel continued to support Fare through close integration with leadership and took the lead on ongoing application updates.

Exadel used the following technologies:

The .NET platform is an adaptable software framework. With its enterprise architecture, .NET allowed Exadel to build a large and efficient database to use for its increasing customer base. The Microsoft cloud based Azure platform was leveraged to deploy Fare's backend systems. Azure has allowed Fare to scale its back end services to meet their growing customer needs.

SQL Server
SQL Server is a relational database management system that is used to store and retrieve data requested by other software systems. This is the data storage component Exadel used to create the database that stores the metrics required for the apps monitoring system.

Mobile Applications
Exadel used Java for the development of Android app and used Objective-C, later ported to Swift, for the development of the iOS app.


The end product was extremely scalable. Fare's app was able to handle a one-hundred-fold increase in rides from their test market in Phoenix, AZ. allowing Fare to launch in Austin, TX. Within one month of launching in its second market, Fare's revenue grew to over one million dollars and continued to grow in the proceeding months.

Exadel and Fare's mobile app interface
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