Building Transformative
Solutions Together

We’re a global consultancy and engineering company, which creates the transformative strategies, platforms, and products our clients need to run and grow their businesses — from ideation to delivery and adoption.

a Digital Strategy

As a software development consultancy, we collaborate with our clients to find or create scalable platforms that support business growth, architecture that balances flexibility with security, and data strategies that underpin all great decisions.

Developing Technologies
that Redefine Your Industry

A software engineering company at heart, we’re committed to conceiving and delivering valuable solutions, whether it’s setting up an entire program, building a platform, or refining the perfect ML model.

Focusing on the People
that Use Your Technology

We help our clients adapt to the new technology we create so they can realize the value it brings to their lives — only then do we consider a piece of software to be truly finished.

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Agile Delivery

The Exadel Agile Delivery Practice is positioned to help your portfolio, program, or project continuously deliver working and relevant software. We can come in and train your people, or put our own people in place to create your software for you.

Mobile Development

Exadel creates the digital mobile products and app development platforms our clients rely on to run their day-to-day business operations. We offer hybrid, cross-platform, progressive web, and native application development for your preferred platform.

Quality Assurance

Our enterprise software development company offers packaged QA services built around quality assurance best practices. These include SetQA and AssessmentQA service offerings, which help lay the foundation for excellent processes and software.

QA Automation

Exadel offers a library of ready-made QAA testing solutions that nearly any project can leverage. Our custom Google Chrome extension, for instance, helps users generate test script code and tap into QA automation without prior QAA experience.

UI/UX Services

Our UI/UX team is well-versed in exhaustive qualitative and quantitative research on markets and audiences. Our designers balance functionality with a unique design that tells your brand story, resonates with users, and leaves a lasting impression.

Product Engineering

Our ultimate goal is to provide best-in-class software engineering services to our customers. To achieve that, we have been creating our own software, tools, solutions, and frameworks for over two decades. We know what it takes to iterate a product to keep it up to date, and we bring that experience to bear for our clients.

Cloud Development

With over a decade of experience designing and implementing cloud services, our enterprise software development company makes the process straightforward and hassle-free. We cover everything from efficiency to data storage, workflows, and communication.

DevOps Services

As a full-stack, full-service software engineering company, we can handle every aspect of DevOps, including integrated configuration management, infrastructure as code, CI/CD, continuous testing, monitoring, and more.

Marketing Technology

We build sites that are optimized for accessibility, security, performance, localization, and personalization, ensuring that your customers achieve your goals, and happily come back for more. We work closely with your marketing specialists to help you fully leverage best-in-class platforms like Adobe Experience Manager.

Content Marketing

In addition to providing software engineering services, we help define and build out brands through a range of content including marketing websites, landing pages, articles, blog posts, and presentations. We’ll help you sound and look great through a variety of digital mediums, elevating your brand to match your vision.

Data Privacy

We assess, build and maintain data privacy programs that comply with GDPR, CCPA, HIPPA and beyond. To act within all data privacy regulations, we implement security measures, covering corporate governance, personal data protection, and third-party vendor compliance.

AI & Machine Learning

We create AI/ML-powered technology that helps you reinvent the way you do business — from uncovering insights in operational data to orchestrating entire business processes. Depending on your project, we have a library of solutions that can jumpstart your AI/ML-powered product.

Data & Insights

Our team engages wherever you need us most — helping you develop the best strategy for your data, modernizing an existing platform, visualizing data and analytics for your key decision-makers, or enabling your existing team.

Digital Finance

We provide a blend of consulting and engineering to drive digital transformation in the financial and banking sphere. Exadel specialists have deep knowledge in technology, and finance, giving us deep insight into the products we build.

Unlock Exciting Career Experiences in LATAM

  Darren Oberst, CEO

Exadel is growing around the world and having outstanding delivery capability in the LATAM region is critical to our future success.

Become one of our team members in the region and help lead a new phase of growth for our established company that has over two decades of experience in the US, Europe, and Asia. It’s an exciting time to join Exadel.

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Since the late 90s, we’ve been consulting and delivering high-quality software products for our customers, leading to relationships that span decades. As we grow, we’re always sure to stick to our core principles of putting people first, backed by excellent service.


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