Delivery Tracking App
for a Healthcare Provider

Streamlining delivery systems for Northwell Health

About the Customer

Northwell Health is a not-for-profit healthcare network offering a range of services. It is New York state’s largest healthcare provider with 23 hospitals and more than 700 outpatient facilities.


In the past, each hospital department was in charge of ordering and maintaining its own inventory. This approach was inefficient and costly. Northwell Health turned to Exadel to develop a delivery tracking app and optimize their workflows.


Package Tracker is a mobile delivery tracking application installed on iPads. The app works in two modes: user and admin. The user dashboard is used at the loading dock, receiving area, and delivery staging area so employees can track goods in real time. The quantity section shows the number of scanned items and navigates users to the package list. The admin functionality requires specific permissions and gives more flexibility to manage goods delivery.


By working with Exadel, Northwell Health was able to change its business model to meet today’s business and technology demands. Package Tracker, which is enhanced with AI capabilities, has helped Northwell Health ensure faster goods delivery. Exadel also streamlined Vuetura-supported communication and cost-effectively integrated legacy back-end systems such as PeopleSoft and Active Directory. Using’s low-code approach cut the development price tag by almost 70%. Operation and maintenance costs are also projected to decrease.