Developing a mobile app for time tracking

About The Customer

The client is one of the largest human resources consulting firms in the world. Their main products are human resource consulting services, including retirement, healthcare benefits, human capital, surveys, communication, investments, outsourcing, and mergers and acquisitions.

The Project

The company turned to Exadel to develop a scalable and functional employee time tracking application. They had previously required multiple systems to deliver information about their activities, which they found to be time-consuming and inconvenient. The company also wanted to take into account that individual employees regularly contribute to multiple projects.


The purpose of the employee time tracking app is to understand what the user wants to do. The system learns certain markers in users’ language that indicate desired tasks so that the user can simply tell the chat function how they want to log their hours, and the app takes care of the rest.

Spoken or written messages go through a text library, which converts them into specific messages. Structured information is sent back to the application to take actions based on the library. If the library is insufficient or a component of the message is missing, the system will ask the user additional questions.


Thanks to the employee time tracking app, users have increased their productivity and spent more time and energy on targeted tasks. The “log my time” feature has already been implemented, and Exadel hopes to continue improving timesheet mechanisms, for example by adding business trip booking and reporting features. Exadel’s goal is to ensure that the custom employee time tracking app provides the client with all the functionality they need to run efficiently and effectively.

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