Web Portal Development for a Leading Cell-Free DNA Testing Provider.
Implementing a new digital content portal for improved user experience, user engagement, and content publishing

About the Customer

Natera Inc. is a HealthTech company revolutionizing standards of care with personalized, next-generation cell-free DNA testing services.


Because Natera services emphasize personalization, the company wanted to ensure individualized experiences with their new digital content portal, as well. Working closely with the Natera team, we performed a detailed analysis of user behavior, target audience, and user engagement to develop a strategy that served Natera’s well-defined customer profiles.

The site needed to provide a versatile user experience and include user-friendly content publishing so that the Natera content team could flexibly and quickly publish materials without the help of outside experts.


We built a solution that leverages a versatile CMS to both empower the Natera publishing team and provide completely unique user experiences for their two distinct groups of customers. By tailoring a series of custom plug-ins, the Exadel team developed a web portal from scratch, which allows Natera to:

  • Create a personalized user journey for patients and physicians
  • Edit content without involving the development team
  • Collect visitor data to increase future engagement
  • Make improvements to the site journey and overall experience


The new website is now live and includes multiple integrations with leading third-party sales and marketing platforms for video, analytics, and tracking.

The new site is specially made with responsive website design, excellent page speed performance, SEO optimization, accessibility, and other digital marketing best practices.