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We work with marketing teams to help them get the most out of AEM tools. Over the years, we’ve developed a number of digital marketing software solutions that make our jobs easier and faster while increasing the quality of our delivery. Exadel Toolbox for AEM is the culmination of all of our Adobe Experience Manager tools. We use Exadel Toolbox for AEM ourselves, plus we share it with our customers and the open source community as a whole. Our tools cover multiple aspects of AEM to accelerate the services we offer, improve the quality of our code and sites, and make the experience of using MarTech services more satisfying for the team.

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“We’re very happy to see our partner Exadel making solutions that complement Adobe Experience Manager.”

Adam Egbert,
Head of Solution Partner Programs at Adobe

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    What’s in the Toolbox?

    Our open-source solution that offers a set of tools that create Granite UI authoring interfaces for Adobe Experience Manager components from Java source code. The Authoring Kit has grown from a basic set of routines into a comprehensive solution that makes different widgets work in a coordinated manner, provides greater interactivity with AEM dialogues, and introduces some features that out-of-box AEM lacks (such as customizable data lists). The Exadel Authoring Kit makes AEM development faster, easier to debug, and more accurate, and also improves on the overall AEM user experience.

    Are you a

    Check out our articles to get started with Exadel Authoring Kit for AEM.

    Exadel Link Inspector for AEM

    Exadel Link Inspector for AEM is a solution for discovering, reporting on, and remedying broken links. The tool expands on the out-of-the-box functionality offered by Adobe, which gives a simple report listing broken links. Exadel Link Inspector for AEM identifies the page, location, and component of each broken link and gives the option to fix links once and propagate the change throughout all locations that contain it. Exadel Link Inspector for AEM also comes with a wide array of filters to narrow down your link results. This is especially useful for sites with a high volume of pages, because it makes your results easier to digest, analyze, and act upon.

    Download Exadel Toolbox for AEM to start using Exadel Link Inspector for AEM

    Exadel Backpack for AEM is our open-source improvement on the Package Manager that comes standard. The intuitive Exadel Backpack for AEM UI allows authors to bundle data along with its dependencies and references (such as referenced images or documents), saving time, reducing errors, and adding transparency to the authoring experience.

    Available Free on GitHub
    Exadel Backpack for AEM

    Check out our articles to get started with Exadel Environment Switcher for AEM.

    Switching between a wide variety of environments is a cumbersome undertaking solved by Exadel Environment Switcher for AEM. Once configured, this Chrome browser plug-in makes accurate switching as easy as a couple of clicks. You can also share configurations across teams.

    Exadel Rollout Manager is a site-wide tool for AEM environments that extends AEM MSM functionality and is of value to website content managers and QA engineers. Exadel Rollout Manager allows users to automate the process of rolling out changes or updates to multiple levels of live relationships simultaneously. In other words, when the user needs to do a rollout in AEM, our Rollout Manager accumulates those pages making AEM live copy synchronization faster than carrying it out manually for every page. The tool significantly reduces manual work and lets users check whether all the pages have been updated through a comprehensive interface.

    Speed up your AEM live copy updates with Exadel Rollout Manager
    Exadel Rollout Manager for AEM

    Exadel Query Kit for AEM is a user-friendly solution created to eliminate manual work for AEM developers, QA engineers, website administrators, and business analysts. The Kit users can find excerpts of necessary data stored in a database using SQL2, X-Path, and other languages. Users can leverage the autocomplete feature and compose queries through a convenient interface and instantly receive a complete list of documents collected across an entire AEM site, saving query results in a PDF, XSLX, or JSON format. Exadel Query Kit also keeps track of the performed queries and offers convenient query templates.

    Compose and run queries with Exadel Query Kit

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