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Digital Marketing Technology Services

The Tools and Services That Drive Digital Marketing

Business today is driven by digital marketing technology—enabling data acquisition for clean and accurate insights into behavior, personalization, user experience, and the customer journey to the brand. Exadel Digital Marketing Technology Solutions help the world’s top brands develop and implement leading-edge digital marketing programs designed to drive actionable results. From back-end platform development and infrastructure services to solutions for big data, conversion funnels, footprint authentication, and predictive analytics, Exadel empowers digital marketing with solutions and platforms, including Adobe Marketing Cloud and Experience Manager, that drive better business.


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Digital Delivery

Exadel delivers leading-edge technology, solutions, and services designed to drive the digital marketing experience forward, for complete customer intelligence.
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Digital Integration

We integrate tools, systems, and data services with solutions such as Adobe Cloud and Experience Manager (AEM) to fully realize optimal performance across all digital platforms.

Roles We Can Fill

Digital Solutions

Exadel implements and supports powerful solutions through partnerships such as Adobe Marketing Cloud and Experience Manager (AEM) for digital program management, data services, authentication, and reporting for high performing digital marketing programs.

Enterprise Web Solution

Exadel revamped the website for this provider of enterprise data solutions through the rigorous leveraging of Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) to maximize the role of the website in their business. Dramatic increases in the performance and effectiveness of the site have already been realized as the partnership with Exadel continues to deepen.

Unified E-commerce Solution

Exadel tackled technical obstacles to better serve Fanatics’ customers through code and syndicated platform updates. The code improved the website interface and user experience, as well as digitally transforming Fanatics' back end to facilitate rapid growth.

CoreX E-commerce Platform

Exadel developed CoreX, the healthcare industry’s most advanced e-commerce platform, built from the ground up as a new kind of platform. CoreX provides a hybrid cloud solution that allows for: advanced security, scalability, expanded reliability, total transparency, and improved usability.

Our Clients Love Us

“They have a real personal commitment to the success of the overall program. The level of commitment was remarkable.”

Chief Security Architect
Fortune 500 Healthcare Company

7+ Year Dedicated Team

"Exadel’s rapid scalability and willingness to deliver in high-pressure situations continue to support this long-term partnership.”

Director of Software Dev
Information Services Company

10+ Year Dedicated Team

"The team displayed exceptional project management and communication, leading to a successful long-term partnership."

Media Broadcast Company

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Exadel assembles the right team of skilled and dedicated resources, extending tech teams in a distributed environment. With a global presence and close proximity to US- and European-based clients, Exadel helps clients secure cost-effective, expert resources.

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