BabyMatch: A Multi-Platform
Parent-Child Look-Alike App

BabyMatch is a free AI-powered app that compares family members’ faces and says whether your child looks like you or your partner.

What Makes BabyMatch Different from
Other Child-Parent Look-Alike Apps?

The app is built with React Native and operates smoothly on both iOS and Android devices. Features that help BabyMatch stand out from the army of child-parent and celebrity look-alike app clones include:


Face Recognition Capabilities

The app is integrated with CompreFace — an open-source face recognition solution that uses precise algorithms and convolutional neural networks trained on over 3 million face photos. CompreFace predicts results with 99.65% accuracy.

Dual Functionality

BabyMatch works in two modes — Parent Match and Celebrity Match. In the latter mode, the app matches your photos against a database of 50k celebrity images.

Secure User Data

From ensuring end-to-end encryption to never storing your photographs, BabyMatch takes extra steps to protect your data.

How BabyMatch Works

1 Downloading

Download our baby-parent look-alike app from Google Play or the App Store

2 Choosing

Choose Parent or Celebrity mode

3 Photo staging

Photograph yourself and your family members or select photos from your gallery

4 Waiting

Wait a few seconds while the application runs the photographic DNA test

5 Enjoying

See the results and try out a different mode

is now

GooglePlay Apple store

You can do this as many times as you want with different photographs!

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