Exadel gave our customer an in-depth orientation to Agile delivery processes and continues to work in an Agile framework on all projects.

About the Customer

Our customer is a global management consulting company that helps its clients improve performance in a range of different industries.


Our client had a long history of Waterfall software development, but it was no longer suitable for our customer’s changing business needs. At the time the engagement started, the company’s technical planning horizon was limited to only a month, making it difficult to constantly renegotiate terms and deliverables for ever-changing and ever-amended development contracts. Our customer needed Agile coaching services to create a development system that mirrored the reality of its business needs.


The Exadel Agile team began by helping the customer understand Agile processes and how they could meet the company’s business needs. After showing the organization why it was the right match, our Agile experts conducted a series of Agile coaching sessions that introduced our Agile framework and demonstrated how it would be adapted for their unique set of circumstances.

Our Practice developed a roadmap for Agile implementation that included roles, timelines, and expectations and then continuously refined it during implementation to account for customer and team feedback.

Exadel Agile experts implemented the Agile processes and frameworks step by step. The final implementation accounted for Exadel team members, customer team members, and third-party vendors that were brought into the new Agile culture.


The resulting project was delivered below our original estimate and accounted for all the needs of the customer. Through the pilot project, our client was able to see the tangible benefits of Agile delivery. The initial engagement resulted in a long-lasting partnership that has spanned many years and subsequent Agile delivery projects.

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