In case you missed it, we recently announced our new Digital Marketing Technology Practice (DMTP). Under DMTP, we provide marketing technology solutions to help the world’s top brands develop and implement leading-edge digital marketing programs. In addition, we announced Lev Shur, President of Exadel Solutions, will directly lead DMTP. In his role as President of Exadel Solutions, Shur will oversee all of Exadel’s solution areas, including Digital Transformation, Products and Platforms Engineering, with more to be announced soon. In light of this recent announcement, we decided to do ask Lev a few questions to learn more about DMTP, his role, and what’s to come as we head into the New Year. Enjoy!

What is Exadel’s Digital Marketing Technology Practice? What types of solutions or services are offered?

The Exadel Digital Marketing Technology Practice addresses the entire field of digital marketing in a precise manner. Many clients lay out their digital marketing strategy either internally or with a consultant before coming to us—they determine what messages they want to convey and what types of leads they want to gather, etc. Then, we are the people that make it happen. We are the people who recommend the best tools for the job, the process, put together a team, and execute on their strategy with the best results and in a very cost-effective way. More specifically, there are a few things that we are focusing on including working closely with Adobe. Adobe Marketing Suite is one of the tools we use extensively. It’s a very broad suite so there are many different tools available, which helps us more easily address and customize our solutions for our customers’ needs. We work extensively with their tools to execute the overall strategy for each customer.

What is unique about Exadel’s digital marketing technology practice?

What is unique is we’re really practitioners. There are  companies that are good at defining the strategy, that are good at defining customer segmentation, etc. We are good at implementation. At our core we are delivery practitioners. We’re really one of the best in making digital marketing technology work for companies of any size—even some of the largest enterprises. We work very closely with each client and that’s why many companies trust Exadel—because we provide an exceptional customer experience and follow through on our promise to deliver and execute.

What trends are you seeing in digital marketing and particularly in regards to how technology is impacting the discipline?

Digital marketing is like many other disciplines; the biggest trend is change. New technologies appear almost daily so you really need to be on top of the latest industry indicators and changes as they roll in. For example, artificial intelligence is becoming more of a factor in digital marketing technology. So, if you want to be ahead of the game you need to use the latest tools in order to succeed. It’s not a simple game. It’s confusing. But, again, like many other areas there’s a lot of functions, there’s a lot of different technologies in the market, there’s a lot of offerings you can use. Sorting out what is working, what is bleeding edge, and what is something already in the market that can help you is where Exadel can assist and advise on the best technologies and then implement them. We help companies identify what is working today, what you should be on the lookout for, what is practical, what is cost efficient, and what’s going to bring the results. We advise our customers on these things and then we help them implement them cost-effectively and efficiently.

What are you looking forward to in your role as President of Exadel Solutions?

As I’ve come into this role, what we’re trying to do is refocus the company to help our clients answer their toughest questions, solve their toughest problems, and then propose solutions instead of just offering up smart people. We always have had a big product component and a product culture at Exadel, and this legacy continues today. What our clients are looking for more is not “Give me 50 people who are good at ___”, but “Here is the problem that I need to solve, and I don’t know what’s the best way to approach it. I know I need a team. I know I need technology. I need the tools. I need to start and approach it a certain way, but how does it all come together?” Exadel Solutions is a packaged approach to answering these questions, to solving these problems. Digital marketing technology is one of the solution areas where we have a full suite of tools, technologies, processes, skills, and teams that can help address these types of concerns.

What’s on the horizon for Exadel? And anything you can share about what’s to come for the rest of the year and heading into 2019?

In 2018 and beyond we are refocusing our business. Digital Marketing Technology is one of the first practices that we’ve set up. We have already started on a few others, including Digital Transformation, and we’re going to be formally launching them in the next weeks. We are seeing a huge demand in the market for digital transformation, but there are many different approaches, tools, and solutions to choose from to help companies through this journey. Also, Exadel has a very strong product development culture and a history of developing products internally as well as for our clients, so we are creating another practice for platform and product engineering. It’s going to address a lot of challenges and issues that companies face when they are undertaking product or platform development. For example, platforms can be for others to use. Or, maybe it’s an internal platform that’s being built to modernize their business, and they then want to build an application on top of that. It can all get very complex quickly.

We are just starting our journey of developing these specialized practices. At the end of the year, we’ll have a few more practices announced. And, next year expect to see even more from us. It’s a pretty interesting time in the life of the company.

To learn more about Exadel’s Digital Marketing Technology Practice, check out our website.

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