How to Switch Between
AEM Environments and Modes

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Adding projects with their corresponding environments and modes has never been easier. Our Exadel Environment Switcher for AEM plug-in offers multiple options for developers. You can create an unlimited number of projects, easily switch back and forth between your modes and environments, create several sub-environments, and share plug-in configurations between team members through the Import and Export operations.

To better understand how our plug-in operates, Exadel has just released a video explaining how to use our Environment Switcher Google Chrome extension. Using a sample AEM project, the tutorial demonstrates alternating between environments and modes with and without the plug-in. Without it, every switch requires copying, pasting, and editing the URL, but with the Snap Environment Switcher, also known as Exadel Environment Switcher for AEM, all it takes is a couple of clicks.

The video is comprehensive, so watching it will give you everything you need to know to start saving time on all of your AEM projects. We’ll demonstrate sections where you can configure projects, modes, and environments, as well as export and import configurations.

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