CRISP Launch – Automated Testing Chrome Extension

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Thanks to our extensive experience in QA Automation, we recently launched CRISP, an open-source automated testing Chrome extension that generates test code and simplifies time-consuming operations in test development. This blog post will take a closer look at the plug-in and its benefits.


CRISP is a universal automated testing plug-in developed on Chrome DevTools Protocol with easy-to-customize features that make it suitable for any QA framework. The solution is pre-built on the Boilerplate base with action verification and patterns presets, which allow users to select new web elements directly on the page, automatically populate its selectors, assign configured actions, and generate prepared test code based on the initially customized patterns.

CRISP’s Key Features and Benefits for QA Automation Engineers

With our open-source automated testing Chrome extension, QA Automation engineers can write routine code with copy and paste operations when they’re developing tests. With CRISP, you can involve manual QA engineers in QA Automation to:

  • Generate page objects based on predefined patterns
  • Generate test actions and verifications based on predefined patterns
  • Configure projects and their frameworks with minimal customization
  • Export and import saved patterns to apply on multiple projects
  • Function offline

With this Chrome test automation plug-in, organizations can speed up the test development process by applying CRISP to any project, even if QA team members don’t have significant experience with QA automation.

CRISP is now available on GitHub. If you want to be part of the CRISP community, check out the CRISP code here.

To find out more about Exadel’s experience with QA Automation, take a look at our QA Automation Solutions page.