CompreFace Launch — the Exadel Face Recognition Project

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Announcing Compreface

Thanks to our extensive expertise developing AI solutions, we recently launched a public version of CompreFace, a free face recognition project that can be easily integrated into any IT system without prior Machine Learning (ML) skills. This post will take a closer look at the solution and its face recognition features, which benefit both businesses and developers.

About CompreFace

CompreFace executes real-time facial recognition from streaming video and photos. The recognition process is based on a neural network that uses 512 features to classify parts of the face and then uses those classifications to identify each person. CompreFace needs at least two photos uploaded into the Face Collection to perform this facial feature analysis. The service can recognize faces even when they’re partially covered.

Exadel’s open-source facial feature analysis tool CompreFace was recently covered by Adrian Bridgwater in ComputerWeekly. In the article, Bridgwater highlights the key features of this solution that play a crucial role in creating a positive customer experience. Among them are a highly accurate face recognition method, user security through open-source software, and a UI panel with roles for access control. Read the full article here.

Use Cases for Facial Recognition in Business

There are multiple ways to use CompreFace. The face recognition service can be useful for enhancing security measures, tracking attendance, providing a personalized experience for customers, or just for fun.

1. Face Recognition and Security

  • Make a smart entrance security system. With CompreFace integrated into your IT system, you can decide whether or not to let a person into your facility. You can double check your employees’ hours, too.
  • Find strangers anywhere. Our face recognition software recognizes faces both in photos and video data. It simplifies the detection of unauthorized access to sensitive areas and the office security perimeter.
  • Authenticate a person on a mobile phone. Users can easily perform bank transactions or unlock other applications just by scanning their faces.
  • Find a missing person. If a child or other person is lost in a public place like a shopping mall, concerned parents can have security upload their photo to the Face Collection and the system will send an automatic alert as soon as they’re found.
  • Increase border security. The accuracy of face recognition can be helpful during border crossings as it can be used to detect known criminals.

2. Attendance Management Using Face Recognition

  • Track work and school attendance. With our face recognition service, you can track employees and students as they come and go, monitor their attendance hours, and manage their productivity.
  • Speed up checking in at hotels, conferences, and airports. Scanning a face takes less time than waiting in line for a face-to-face check in.
  • Greet your guests. CompreFace detects customers upon entrance, allowing businesses to provide excellent customer service.
  • Provide hyper-personalized service. Before offering a service, you can search for the customer in the Face Collection and look up previous customer interactions.

3. Face Recognition in Marketing and Advertising

  • Develop targeted advertising. The face recognition software can be installed in screens in shops, gas stations, and other facilities. It can help you customize ads for potential customers based on their preferences.
  • Create smart coupons for retail. Face recognition is also a way to analyze and identify clients’ interest in specific ads. It will help you create special offers based on the time they spent looking at your ads.

4. Fun

  • Integrate CompreFace into Look Alike Apps. Are you interested in building apps that help users identify who they resemble more: celebrities, superheroes, children, or parents? Our face recognition project is perfectly suited for integration — we even created our own baby-parent look-alike app and integrated it with CompreFace.

Download BabyMatch on Google Play or App Store

Face Recognition API Key Features and Benefits for Developers

Developers don’t need prior Machine Learning skills to start using CompreFace. The solution can be integrated with any IT system. Its key features include:

  • Free and open-source code. CompreFace is available on GitHub and tested by dozens of developers. Feel free to join our contributors list and help us improve the service further!
  • Easy integration. All you have to do is create an account and connect the face recognition API provided by Exadel. We’ve included step-by-step instructions to walk you through the integration process.
  • A ready-to-use standalone service. CompreFace can also be used as a standalone service for maximum security.
  • Restricted access to sensitive data. CompreFace allows developers to manage access permissions to sensitive data within their organizations.
  • Easy-to-understand integration without ML skills. Any developer can set up and use our face recognition software without prior ML knowledge.
  • Accuracy even with minimal input. The service works with as few as two photos and can even recognize partially covered faces.

With CompreFace, organizations of all sizes can automate security measures, get comprehensive data on attendance hours, detect potential customers, and more.

If you want to learn more about our service and integration process, feel free to contact our team.

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