Using AEM Modernization Tools

In this article we will talk about how to switch from Static to Editable templates in AEM using “AEM Modernization Tools”.

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How to Publish High-Priority AEM Website Pages Faster

Sometimes there is a need to urgently replicate a website page, but the replication queue is full of other pages. This article offers practical advice on quickly publishing high-priority AEM website pages.

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DependsOn: The Cutting-Edge Tech Giving Wings to AEM Authoring Toolkit

As you begin using AEM Authoring Toolkit and its powerful UI features provided by the DependsOn microframework, you may be interested in customizing them to suit your specific set of needs. This article gives a background on the overall structure of DependsOn and walks you through implementation, providing actionable advice on how to investigate, alter, and extend DependsOn functionality.

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AEM Authoring Toolkit Improves User Experience: The Story of DependsOn

Ever thought of turning an AEM TouchUI dialog into a small web application that can handle all your component’s settings and provide an advanced user interface? AEM Authoring Toolkit offers its DependsOn microframework to make it all possible. Here’s a little story of the features it provides for developers.

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AEM Experience Fragments: Consuming Outside AEM

In this article we will talk about how to consume an Experience Fragment using ootb solutions as well as a custom implementation that helps you use an XF on any external page.

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