An Overview of the Innovation Lab by Exadel

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Exadel has spent more than two decades testing and experimenting with the latest in application and platform development for some of the largest and most successful global organizations. In addition to building products and platforms for some of the top global brands, we have also created our own low-code application development platform,, used by half a million developers. The platform makes it easy to create hybrid mobile apps, web apps, and Progressive Web Apps (PWAs).

With all of this experience, we have learned that performance and productivity with emerging technologies requires both knowledge and experience to determine how best to enable digital transformation. Companies often waste precious time and resources on completed implementations in which the ROI is not clear or not realized.

This is a problem the Innovation Lab by Exadel is determined to solve.

The Innovation Lab is a virtual experience that combines an industry-leading low-code development platform with Exadel’s consulting services and solutions. In this environment, technology and product leaders can experiment with and learn more about blockchain, artificial intelligence (AI), chatbots, blockchain, mobile, PWA application development, and more. The Innovation Lab takes a two-fold approach:

  1. Experimentation: Those engaging with the Innovation Lab have a vision of how they think a particular emerging technology might apply to their organization. Whether it is using chatbots to improve the customer service experience, blockchain to enhance supply chain logistics, or implementing machine learning to give developers time to innovate rather than spinning wheels on repetitive manual tasks, there are numerous use cases to test. However, the ROI for these technologies is not always immediately clear at first. Also, these technologies don’t necessarily have applications for every industry. The Innovation Lab takes users from vision to decision by enabling them to build a proof of concept in days or weeks, at which point they can determine the true ROI of a full implementation.
  2. Execution: If value was proven in the initial experimentation phase, those working in the Innovation Lab can then decide to partner with us to plan and execute on a full large-scale implementation. The work done in the Innovation Lab provides a glimpse of the value a particular technology does, or does not, have. From there, our experts are ready to take your project all the way through.

Additionally, the Innovation Lab combines the following capabilities and benefits that users can access anywhere, anytime:


  • Integrated – access to all the latest technologies (mobile, AI, blockchain, chatbot, etc.) in a single unified platform
  • Hosted (AWS) – browser-based, no capex, no installs
  • Rapid – low code, low effort, with results in days
  • Collaborative – bringing stakeholders together in real time to build and test

Skills On Demand

  • Exadel Consulting Experts – available 24/7 to consult and support the development process



  • Prototyping – buildable and testable with minimal cost and resources before making a full investment and implementation


The Innovation Lab by Exadel is making it possible for organizations to choose the right technologies for their business and the right overall strategy in a virtual, cost-effective, collaborative setting. Reach out today to get started!


Author: Dmitry Binunsky