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Exadel clients adapt quickly and thrive in today’s digital world—with confidence. They know they have a digital transformation partner who listens, understands, and moves fearlessly with strategy, recommendations, and implementation. Exadel digital transformation solutions are based on a trusted foundation of experience and expertise that lowers risk and empowers clients to accelerate desired outcomes.

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Cloud-First Solutions

Exadel knows what works and what doesn’t, when it comes to the Cloud. Each cloud provider provides you with an entire ecosystem of tools and capabilities, but you need an experienced partner to feel confident, reduce the risks, and maximize the solutions you build.
Roles We Can Fill

QA Automation

Exadel QA automation will help you create and deliver more and better solutions and products quicker. We’ve worked across many technology platforms and industries, so we can help you put together the right framework to leverage existing testers, deliver more quality features quickly, and determine how much coverage is needed to provide true value.
Roles We Can Fill

Legacy Transformation

Exadel has more than 20 years of experience helping clients remake their businesses. Replacing a system or rebuilding products can be difficult. New products must do everything the old product did and much more, much better. Exadel has experience with all of these challenges: creating new platforms for your business, reducing the risk of legacy transformation through experience, creating multiple options and approaches, and meeting your customers everywhere they are today.

Open Source Access & Security Solutions

Exadel customized and implemented open source access and identity management tech solutions, improving clinician productivity. The solution allowed physicians, nurses, and caregivers to focus more on patient care.

Unified E-commerce Solution

Exadel tackled technical obstacles to better serve Fanatics’ customers through code and syndicated platform updates. The code improved the website interface and user experience, as well as digitally transforming Fanatics' back end to facilitate rapid growth.

Comprehensive Property Management Solution

Exadel created a custom software system for RedStone Equity enabling the mapping of their business processes to support all corporate requirements for employees and clients. RedStone uses this system to ensure that it’s work in LIHTC (Low Income Housing Tax Credits) remains on track and transparent to investors, developers, and contractors.

Our Clients Love Us

“They have a real personal commitment to the success of the overall program. The level of commitment was remarkable.”

Chief Security Architect
Fortune 500 Healthcare Company

7+ Year Dedicated Team

"Exadel’s rapid scalability and willingness to deliver in high-pressure situations continue to support this long-term partnership.”

Director of Software Dev
Information Services Company

10+ Year Dedicated Team

"The team displayed exceptional project management and communication, leading to a successful long-term partnership."

Media Broadcast Company

Custom Software Development

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Exadel assembles the right team of skilled and dedicated resources, extending tech teams in a distributed environment. With a global presence and close proximity to US- and European-based clients, Exadel helps clients secure cost-effective, expert resources.

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