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Win in the market and drive productivity with digital transformation services from Exadel. Jump-start new initiatives or build upon your existing programs with our highly experienced team of digital experts. At Exadel we will help you prioritize and align your digital strategies and build killer applications that drive business value. All based on working with some of the largest brands in the world. Don’t settle for anything but the best!

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Agile Project Strategies

Agile engineering is crucial to your digital transformation success. We get that and are ready to help assess and align real business value with proven agile approaches that will speed your applications’ time-to-market. With Exadel your projects are completed on-time, within budget, and with long-term digital strategies built-in.
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Data-Driven Digitization

Is your data the backbone of your digital transformation? It should be – but we know it can be overwhelming. Find out how our real-time data analytics services can deliver useful business intelligence and make sense of the big data challenge once and for all. You’ll love how our creative, data-driven problem-solving turns headaches into maximum business value!
Roles We Can Fill

Digital Software Engineering

Sure, you need development help. But, don’t discount the role of highly skilled engineering teams in making sure your digital transformation programs are rock-solid, and deliver the value you need. We work on the hard stuff, and we love it!

Open Source Access & Security Solutions

Exadel customized and implemented open source access and identity management tech solutions, improving clinician productivity. The solution allowed physicians, nurses, and caregivers to focus more on patient care.

Unified E-commerce Solution

Exadel tackled technical obstacles to better serve Fanatics’ customers through code and syndicated platform updates. The code improved the website interface and user experience, as well as digitally transforming Fanatics' back end to facilitate rapid growth.

CoreX E-commerce Platform

Exadel developed CoreX, the healthcare industry’s most advanced e-commerce platform, built from the ground up as a new kind of platform. CoreX accommodates a hybrid cloud solution that allows for: advanced security, scalability, expanded reliability, total transparency, and improved usability.

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“They have a real personal commitment to the success of the overall program. The level of commitment was remarkable.” Chief Security Architect
Fortune 500 Healthcare Company

7+ Year Dedicated Team

"Exadel’s rapid scalability and willingness to deliver in high-pressure situations continue to support this long-term partnership.” Director of Software Dev
Information Services Company

10+ Year Dedicated Team

"The team displayed exceptional project management and communication, leading to a successful long-term partnership." CTO
Media Broadcast Company

Custom Software Development

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Exadel assembles the right team of skilled and dedicated resources, extending tech teams in a distributed environment. With a global presence and close proximity to US- and European-based clients, Exadel helps clients secure cost-effective, expert resources.
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