How Exadel Enables Digital Transformation

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Digital transformation is the process of harnessing technology to improve or redefine the way you do business; it lets you make your business smarter, larger, and more productive so you can provide the greatest possible value to your customers.

Nearly every company has already started revamping their processes. The question is: where should you start your transformation journey, and what digital transformation services will prove beneficial to your business?

What Is Digital Transformation?

Digital transformation is an extremely broad term that can refer to a wide variety of practices. It’s often used to refer to the process of targeting important business functions and bringing them online. Think eCommerce, productivity tools for workers, and supply chain overhaul. Digital transformation can also mean a complete and total reworking of your company’s IT infrastructure. This a digital overhaul would involve using intelligent systems, automation, and analytics to fundamentally change the way you conduct operations.

Why Does Digital Transformation Matter?

1) It improves your customer experience. With a digital overhaul, companies get a bunch of tools and channels to interact with customers in a more personalized and creative way. This modifies relationships with customers through making more information available online, embracing automation as part of a comprehensive strategy, tailoring content to individuals, focusing on providing value, and learning more about your customers.

2) It improves data gathering and analysis. As data prevails in the digital environment, it becomes much easier to maintain it in the cloud and analyze pieces using different tools and methods. More importantly, it helps turn data into a business strategy and actionable results.

3) It makes companies more agile. It’s not enough to force a turn to digital resources and processes if employees aren’t involved in the transformation journey. Effective digital transformation encourages agility at all levels of the company, which makes it far easier to quickly adapt to market changes and new business needs.

4)It increases profits. Profitability is one of the key benefits to digital transformation that companies cite. According to an SAP and Oxford Economics Report:

  • 85% of companies say transformation efforts have increased market share
  • 80% of companies say that digital transformation has increased their profitability
  • 23% of leaders expect higher revenue growth than all others in the next two years

5) It improves your competitive results. By updating your working infrastructure, you change your position in the market and in your industry. In such rapidly changing circumstances, staying in the same place with the same functionalities is no longer an option if you want to remain competitive. Digital transformation will help you use new technologies and plan new functionalities to ensure that your company is always distinguishable from competitors.

How to Start Your Journey: Digital Transformation Services by Exadel

It’s likely you already know how you want to change your company in order to grow, make profit, and stay relevant. We’re here to make that happen and give you advice on which tools will give you the best short and long-term results.

Our digital transformation services include:

  • Product Engineering For 20 years, we’ve been creating our own frameworks, solutions, and tools, giving us a unique product engineering mindset that carries through to all of our projects.
  • Cloud Development We build systems that take advantage of web-scale and microservice architectures, and we deploy advanced systems into cloud and cloud-hybrid infrastructure.
  • DevOps Services We have dedicated, passionate experts in each of the pillars of our DevOps services: software architecture, continuous integration, continuous delivery, automation, operations, automated testing, monitoring, performance optimization, and collaboration.
  • Marketing Technology We work hand in hand with client marketing teams to help them get the most out of the software and platforms that power their marketing strategies.
  • QA Automation We use software automation to increase the capacity, efficiency, and accuracy of testing, while saving time and money.

Combined with your first-hand knowledge, our expertise in digital transformation services will drive the efficient digital overhaul of your business – whatever that looks like for you.

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Why Exadel is a Good Match for Your Transformation

As a digital transformation company, we’ve worked across a wide range of industries, including banking, transportation, and healthcare, and have assisted businesses in all stages of transformation. We’ve taken on projects from scratch, and we’ve also stepped in to finish things started by others. Our team has experience helping companies upgrade a significant part of their processes and technology systems and building targeted tools that filled a piece of our clients’ overall innovation puzzle.

A good example of our digital transformation work is the ABC Fitness (Formally ABC Financial) digital transformation case study. The industry’s leading fitness club management software provider turned to Exadel to upgrade their gym management software solution initially built with COBOL. Our team swapped the legacy code for a cloud application with a microservices architecture. Its core functional components include a member portal, secure payment processing, and a check-in system. Learn more

Our project with Mercer is another great example of a digital transformation case study. Mercer, an American asset management firm, tapped Exadel to create the platform at the center of its digital business, filling a key position in its overall transformation. MercerOS is a cloud platform that supports legacy internal applications, while taking full advantage of modern cloud technology. The platform’s services are used by over 100 Mercer apps in a range of industries, helping the company grow and adapt to the changing marketplace. Learn more

Creating digital transformation solutions is not a destination; it’s a journey. No matter where you are on your path, we are ready to join you and deliver great results together.