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In the previous article, we took a look at how to set up a translation project and correctly configure links rewriting during New Lang copy creation. Now we’re going to look at more cases you might encounter during links localization and how to approach a variety of situations.

Update All AEM Content Fragment Variations (Language Copy)

Before we can update a language copy (all variations), we have to:

  • Select your CF
  • Click References → Language copies
  • Check locales to update
  • Select Add to existing translation project
  • Then select our Site-com-translation-project created before
  • Select Update All variations
  • Click Start

DAM Update Language Copy

AEM’s ‘’DAM Update Language Copy” workflow is being triggered. We’ll have to introduce a new step for this WF to localize the links correctly.

And the workflow itself

Update AEM Content Fragment Single Variation

If we want to update one particular content fragment variation rather than all, a different AEM WF is triggered, so we have to make some adjustments.

AEM Content Fragment Single Variation

And a workflow config to change

That’s pretty much it! We’ve covered all the possible cases you’ll encounter with AEM Content Fragment link localization, so you’re all ready to go!

Author: Iryna Ason

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