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About CompreFace

CompreFace executes real time facial recognition from streaming video as well as photos. The service can be used for a variety of business cases and can help with:


Employee Attendance Management

Control who comes in and out of your office and track employees as they come and go to be sure everybody is being productive


Access Management

Control access to sensitive data and secure environments and areas to prevent fraud, theft, and other malicious behavior


Visitor Identification

Recognize your customers as they enter your premises so you can give them excellent customer service


Stranger Recognition

Inspect surveillance records in off hours to detect unauthorized access in your office security perimeter and minimize Information Security Incidents

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Why CompreFace

Open Source
Free and open-source
CompreFace is available on GitHub and tested by dozens of developers
Our face recognition service features a REST API to facilitate integration into your customer’s system
Control your data
AI face recognition software can be used as a standalone service for optimal security
Permissions Management
Permis­sions Manage­ment
Manage access permissions to sensitive data within your organization
ML skills
Doesn’t require ML skills
Any developer can set up and use CompreFace without prior machine learning knowledge
Minimal Input Needed
CompreFace works with as few as two photos and can even recognize partially covered faces

How does it work?

Original Image
Original Image

It all starts with a face — either from a camera or an existing image file

Find Face


Our face recognition service changes the image to a predefined size

Align Face

Alignment Arrow Alignment

The face recognition neural network moves the facial features to their standard location

Send to Neural Network

Neural Network
Sending to the Neural Network

We use deep learning convolutional neural networks to decode the facial features

Calc Features

Calculating Facial Features
Calculating Facial Features

The neural network uses 512 different features to classify parts of the face and figure out who it is

Send Features to classifier

Neural Network
Recognizing Person

At the end of the process the classifier determines if the person is in your Face Collection


Jane Doe

Want to integrate CompreFace into your corporate System?

Want to integrate CompreFace into your corporate System?

Getting Started with CompreFace


Sign Up

Sign up and create an account to use with your own face recognition software


Set Up

Decide where you’re going to use CompreFace, upload your images to your Face Collection, and create your team


Connect the API

Create your own app using the CompreFace face recognition API


Start Recognizing

Use our machine learning face recognition software for any application you see fit. If you continue to train your Face Collection, you’ll see an increase in accuracy

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