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Machine Learning Text Classification

Exadel developed a Machine Learning / Text Classification service integrated into a Jira plugin that applies a machine learning algorithm to autocomplete specified fields based on collected data, allowing users to correct determination. This is a generic ML algorithm that can infer information from data sets without needing to write custom code specific to the problem. The user need only define the fields they’d like predicted and input parameters for training. The specialized algorithm does the rest of the work, building logic based on the limited data.

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Computer Vision

CompreFace — Face Recognition Service

Our custom face recognition software can be easily integrated into an existing system or used as a standalone service. We combined our own machine learning algorithm with a state-of-the-art face recognition library, trained on millions of faces, that uses deep neural networks to retrieve features from faces.

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The Chatbot

  • Supports all modern chatbot features (entities, intents, context etc.)
  • Provides a unique flow builder (and the process of creating bots is more simple than ever before)
  • Is integrated with other parts of the platform, simplifying development

Gym Management system with Chatbot

The system asks customers to introduce themselves and finds requested schedules or other information and helps them to get corresponding services. With the Exadel solution based on the application, a custom chatbot can be created in just a few hours.

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