AEM Consulting & Development Services

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AEM implementation services we offer

Assessments and Upgrades

New versions of AEM, assess your current site

Prior to creating a comprehensive roadmap with changes and improvements, we run a thorough site audit as part of our AEM implementation services. We examine the website speed, performance, technical SEO, and Core Web Vitals to understand how we can best assist you.

AEM Implementation

Full cycle AEM development

Develop modern-looking, highly interactive, and performant websites through our AEM consulting and implementation services.

Migration to AEM

From a different tech stack to AEM

We assist you in transferring the existing non-AEM website infrastructure into AEM CMS. We also help you upgrade your ecosystem to the newest version issued by Adobe Experience Manager.

Support and Maintenance

Team works for ongoing maintenance and performance optimizations

You can rely on us to optimize your website if your system gets outdated or if your website lags behind in terms of performance. We’ve got your back with our ongoing technical support and maintenance, which we provide on top of our AEM development.

Our Adobe Experience Manager expertise and partnerships

Our AEM consulting and implementation services are recognized by Adobe. The recognition we receive reinforces the high standards we uphold in all our work.

AEM expertise and partnerships

We have Adobe-certified experts in AEM, including architects, developers, and business practitioners to ensure high-quality AEM development.

AEM development: Fast facts

We unlock your business potential with our AEM consulting and development experience.

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Our Areas of AEM Expertise

Performance Optimization

Our AEM experts treat your site with best performance practices relevant for search engines and AEM website itself. With our open-source AEM solutions, we reduce lines of code, speed up your site, and create lightweight web pages.


AEM implementation involves integration with the referral programs of third party services, online chats, authorization, and more. We help you install analytics so that you can track user behavior and accumulate a client base of your own.


Our AEM development is based on increased personalization. We craft a unique journey for each website visitor based on multiple criteria to achieve the best possible conversion rates.


Every site we program corresponds to the key technical SEO requirements, making the website visible to search engines and easy for search bots to crawl.


We perform automatic UI testing, thanks to our Quality Assurance Automation solutions. Regardless of UI complexity, interfaces can be tested quickly and effectively.


Your UI/UX design gets our utmost attention. We work on design to make it look modern and interactive, as well as fast and enticing for the visitor.


You need to make business decisions and build your campaigns based on analytics
insights. We can integrate your system with an analytics tool to help you track website traffic, client engagement, and customer journey.

Content delivery

We give you all the tools to rapidly publish and manage content across all devices and marketing channels you employ.

Custom AEM solutions hand-in-hand with AEM development

Adam Egbert

Head of Solution Partner Programs at Adobe

“We’re very happy to see our partner, Exadel, building solutions that complement Adobe Experience Manager.”

As well as our AEM consulting and Adobe Experience Manager services, we provide a growing kit of additional custom tools in the Exadel Toolbox for AEM. These AEM solutions bring ease of use and efficiency to authoring experiences and content management. Developers, website administrators, and content managers can enforce changes and automate manual processes across entire AEM ecosystems with our open-source AEM tools.

Get an in-depth understanding and master the Exadel Toolbox for AEM

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Web Platform

Building an enterprise-level web platform

Exadel built an AEM-based web platform that unites multiple websites. This AEM implementation has preserved best technical practices for personalization, security, accessibility, and SEO.

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Web Platform Migration

Migration solution for a web portal

Exadel migrated the existing web portal to Adobe Experience Manager so that the client could implement their new marketing technology strategy through effective AEM development.

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Web Platform Upgrade

AEM infrastructure upgrade

Exadel built an AEM-based web platform that unites multiple websites. This AEM implementation has preserved best technical practices for personalization, security, accessibility, and SEO.

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Customer Solution

System optimization and personalization of a data storage site

Exadel improved the website architecture by building brand new, effective workflows and on-demand provided support. The AEM services Exadel provided made user experience more enjoyable and increased the click-through rate.

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Sharing our Expertise

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