Let’s Play “The Internet of Think:” An Information Technology Quiz

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Exadel, a software engineering company that delivers digital platforms and products, now hosts a new information technology quiz called The Internet of Think. The show, created by the Exadel Content Marketing Practice, will give IT specialists a chance to demonstrate their knowledge of the industry, as it covers a wide range of professional topics like QA, Machine Learning, and Agile, as well as categories related to films, games, and other IT trivia.
The Internet of Think technology quiz show is a recurring public competition that is broadcast on YouTube.
Julian Tavalin, Head of the Content Marketing Practice at Exadel says: “Our quiz show is a fun way to include more people into the exciting world of IT. We do our best to make the show challenging and engaging for people inside and outside the industry.”
Watch the “Internet of Think” quiz show

“Internet of Think” Rules:

The “Internet of Think” consists of three rounds:

In Round 1, players choose questions from five categories and answer them as fast as possible. The two players with the most points at the end of the round will proceed to Round 2. The player with the least number of points will be eliminated.


In Round 2, the remaining players answer questions about images brought up on the screen. When players are correct, their avatar will get closer to the finish line. If the players are incorrect, their avatar will move toward elimination. The round will end when a player either wins or is eliminated.


In Round 3, the last remaining player will answer as many questions as they can in one minute. For every correct answer, they will receive $100. After this, they will be shown a category that relates to one final question. If players choose to reveal the question, they’ll risk their earnings to answer it. If they are correct, they’ll double their winnings. If they are incorrect, they will lose it all.


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Any IT specialist or enthusiast can apply to take part in the information technology quiz. To become a participant, just fill out the form here. The most eligible participants will be invited to record the game live.