Introducing the Authoring Kit for Adobe Experience Manager

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Adobe Experience Manager is the premier content management system for complex large-scale websites. Over the last few years, Exadel’s Digital Marketing Technology practice has developed extensive experience in using AEM to serve client needs. Now, we’ve decided to share some of this expertise with the larger AEM community. Our first contribution: Exadel Authoring Kit for Adobe Experience Manager (AEM).

Note: Before March 2021 the project was developed under the name of AEM Authoring Toolkit. The updated project version retains full compatibility with the earlier rendition.

The project is available now on Github as a packaged, fully supported open source solution for our enterprise clients and the digital marketing community. The solution generates UI elements for AEM authors from Java in a way that is versatile and extendable. It provides a next-gen authoring experience in Adobe’s Coral UI-powered environment.

We developed the Exadel Authoring Kit for AEM using the latest  Adobe framework, keeping the evolving trends of the AEM ecosystem in mind. We’ve taken the necessary steps to ensure the features, code quality, security, and scalability all meet the needs of the digital marketing community. Apart from a vast set of predefined annotations and processing routines (“handlers”), any user can add more capabilities with the use of a comprehensive extension API including custom annotations, handlers, and validators.


  • Generates rich and versatile AEM component dialogs and in-place editing facilities based on annotations added to back-end Java classes or their fields
  • Relieves AEM developers from writing down complex XML markup for the authoring interface, preventing difficult-to-trace errors
  • Allows “inheriting” of certain features and markup specifics across components, reducing the amount of Java code to store and maintain
  • Supports reusing and fine-tuning available authoring widgets and redefining their attributes
  • Requires little to no Java code refactoring
  • Decreases UI team effort for developing the authoring side of an AEM installation
  • Allows a high degree of configuration via both annotation values and Maven configuration
  • Works with AEM 6.4+ on JDK 1.8+ with any operating system

Future Plans

We already have plans for a number of new unique features in the near future, but we would also love to hear from the solution’s user community about new features. Of course, on an ongoing basis, our Marketing Technology team is committed to providing any necessary maintenance support for the project.

What You Can Do

  • Start using the Exadel Authoring Kit for AEM for free.
  • Read the press release.
  • Reach out to connect with our experts who can help you develop a robust, enterprise digital marketing solution.