The Polish Exadel Branch to Hire over 2000 IT Specialists

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Until recently, Exadel, an American IT company, employed as few as 50 IT specialists in Poland. Now, this is about to change.

The new management is planning to strengthen Exadel’s position in the US and foreign markets, particularly in Latin America and the EU. The Polish branch of the company is a vital part of this plan – the company, managed by Janusz Fajkowski, will serve as the hub for Exadel’s further expansion into Europe.

The current geopolitical situation, namely the war in Ukraine, has played a role as well and created a need to relocate Exadel employees from Ukraine to other countries, including Poland.

“The tragic events in Ukraine have resulted in the Polish branch of Exadel turning into a beacon for expansion in Europe,” says Janusz Fajkowski. “Regardless of the relocation processes, we want to hire a minimum of 500 additional specialists by the end of the year. I reckon that, together with new employees, we will reach one thousand staff on board, and we’re looking to double this number next year.”

Exadel is already planning to open up several new locations in Poland – a new branch in Gdansk will be opened in July. Click here to read more about Exadel’s expansion plans in Poland on PulsBiznesu.