Unveils a New and Improved Low-Code Testing App

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Face Recognition Coronavirus, a low-code mobile application development platform, has recently released a new and updated version of its Tester App.

The app has been a fan favorite and has served as a handy tool in low-code testing. The newest version has been adapted to be more user-friendly and to streamline the app testing process to save customers time and effort. Now, users can start testing the applications they have created on simply by scanning a QR code instead of going through an arduous process of exporting the app and reinstalling it on a mobile device for testing every time an adjustment is made.

They have also released a new Live Debug function that will surely be highly appreciated. Unlike the Tester App, the Live Debug feature has no limitations in testing native apps with Cordova plug-ins, whether the plug-ins are provided by or custom-imported by users. With this function activated, users can now export their application only once and proceed with low-code testing and debugging in live time, as the improvements they’re adding get automatically recorded. Users can also arrange testing pushes in Live Debug, which at the time is not available in the Tester App.

Other minor fixes have been added as well, including an easier adjustment to different monitor sizes for increased comfort and a better-organized viewing of testing history in the app.

For detailed information on the new features included in this release, please follow the link to the announcement post.

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