Rapid Value Creation for Private Equity Companies

Exadel is a global digital transformation services company, focused on helping private equity partners rapidly create value in their portfolio companies through technology transformation.

How We Expedite the PE Value Creation Timeline

We understand the private equity value creation timeline and have extensive experience with quickly translating technical due diligence into strategy and delivery that realize your post-close goals.

Technical Due Diligence
2-3 weeks

Technology experts evaluate the digital ecosystem of your target and assess areas of value creation and risk.

Post-Investment Value Creation

Value Creation Plan
3-4 weeks

Consultants do a deep dive on your due diligence results and other requirements of your investment thesis to create a plan that drives immediate value.

Scaled Engineering
Immediate start

Engineers execute the value creation plan, realizing your digital and agile transformation.


Maximized Returns

An optimized technology landscape allows for a seamless, high-value exit.

Pre-Acquisition Procedure for IT & Digital Due Diligence

Our technical due diligence will help you quickly arrive at a go/no-go decision and will provide critical insight on the technology opportunities and risks associated with a target company. We cover:



IT Infrastructure and Software Architecture



Performance, Modernity of Languages and Platforms


Leadership & Processes

Technical Leadership and Talent, Development Methodologies


Risks & Opportunities

Cyber Security, Technical Intellectual Property, Usage of Third Party Software, Product Offerings and Roadmap

Exadel Labs in Action — Value Creation Plan

Our Exadel Labs team picks up seamlessly from due diligence and goes deep into the findings to quickly develop implementation plans. We partner with you to address specific priorities in any or all of the following areas and quickly deliver PoCs, rapid prototypes, and MVP solutions.

Diligence Deep Dive

A deep dive into priority areas from due diligence to generate a detailed plan that addresses technical debt, security requirements, and more. We ensure the company’s existing technology is secure and running well.

Prepare for M&A Integration

As you plan to grow the business through acquisition, Exadel will provide the capability to seamlessly and efficiently integrate technology across disparate businesses in order to implement your technology growth strategy.

Digital Transformation Plan

We create an execution plan for the strategic projects of your investment thesis, including modernizing legacy systems, migrating the business to the cloud, and incubating new products and work streams through rapid prototyping.

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Scaled Engineering Aimed for Precision

In alignment with your value creation plan, we will deploy engineering talent at scale to mitigate risk and achieve your strategic technology objectives. Our experts will enhance, upgrade, or integrate existing technology, or build entirely new systems or products if necessary. All of our teams can be ramped up or down as needed to quickly make a large impact while avoiding unnecessary costs.

Upgrade/ Migrate

We optimize and enhance existing applications to eliminate technical debt, and modernize the business with cloud migration services to securely bring legacy systems to the cloud.

Build from Scratch

We create entirely new platforms or products that open new revenue streams and allow the business to scale.

Integrate and Combine

We bring together the technologies from your various acquisitions, ensuring they function as one.

Ongoing Enhancements

Our support teams continue to add updated features through an ongoing development process.

Value Creation Opportunities — Our PE Engagement Models

Every portfolio company has a unique set of tech needs, which is why we create custom engagement models that evolve over time. Here are some samples of how we’ve engaged with PE firms in the past:
Firm-Based Standard Rate Card
Firm-Based Standard Rate Card

For PE firms looking for consistent and scalable engineering across multiple portfolio companies, Exadel offers a standardized global rate card.

  • Pre-negotiated contracts and rates with PE firms allow for faster time to value. No delays negotiating individual contracts with each company.
  • Consistent work for the same PE firm allows us to learn your value creation objectives and processes, meaning faster and higher-quality work.
  • Reliable quality and service for all portfolio companies.
  • Tiered standard pricing based on your resources.
Individual Project Pricing

Our standard engagement model revolves around services at individual companies.

  • Exadel will contract and negotiate directly with the organization.
  • Rates will be provided on a time and materials basis for the requirements of the engagement.
  • Exadel will staff the team and deliver the project according to the contract terms.
Individual Project Pricing

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Case Studies for PE Value Creation

Healthcare eCommerce Platform for GHX

CoreX: Healthcare eCommerce Platform for GHX

The industry's most advanced healthcare eCommerce platform, accommodating both cloud and non-cloud access. It enables more than 22,000 healthcare facilities and 10,000 healthcare suppliers to conduct business electronically through the GHX eCommerce exchange.

Supplier Management Platform for Dun & Bradstreet

Supplier Management Platform for Dun & Bradstreet

An integrated web platform with the largest vendor and supplier database in the world, which includes tens of millions of records, custom search, and drill-down multi-dimensional analytics. Immediately following launch, 75% of customers adopted the mobile app.