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We have evolved unique processes for different engagement models to deliver you an exceptional customer experience at the best-value price point. Unlike our competitors, we are able to customize and personalize these models based on your needs.


The best-value price point means that we spend the extra effort it takes to be flexible and agile in our resource planning to deliver the right resources to meet your specific needs throughout the project lifecycle, not just in the beginning. We move and flex with you, so you have the right team at the right time to be successful.

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Extended team

Use global or local resources to augment your team when you need additional development resources. Our software engineers, architects, project managers, Scrum masters, UX designers, QA analysts, and business analysts have the experience to back their degrees. This model allows you flexibility while ensuring quality in a distributed development environment at a best-value price point.

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Fixed project

If you have a goal in mind, detailed specifications, or a limited budget, then this model may be best for you. Whether it's because your internal team does not have enough time to complete the work or you don’t have the skill set in-house, we can manage your project, however defined, from start to finish.

We can deliver mobile apps, marketing websites, web services, code or database audits, UX designs, and more.

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Managed agile team

We can manage to your outcomes with a dedicated agile team of resources to meet your business goals while you maintain control and provide direction. Want to add some of your employees to the agile team so they can learn along the way? Absolutely! Want to keep precise control over scope, schedule, and budget? Of course you and your team have access to all the necessary collaboration and management tools throughout the process. This approach is especially successful for digital transformations and rebuilding core business applications on new technology platforms.

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Innovation exploration

Explore revenue-generating ideas with new technology to support your strategic direction. Work directly with our passionate innovation team at your location or at our Strategic Technology for Realizing Markets (STORM) center, the headquarters for our advanced research and development team, to collaborate on what is possible and pilot or prototype new technologies.

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