SetQA: Establishing Software
QA Processes From Scratch

To ensure that your software is delivered on time and without issues, it’s crucial to set up a reliable QA process. This will help you eliminate a lot of QA-related issues and make the development process easier. To this end, our Exadel QA team created SetQA — a software quality assurance framework that helps companies set up effective QA processes from scratch and deliver the best possible quality of software.

How Does Our Software Quality Assurance Framework Work?

With SetQA, it’s easy to create a QA process for your project that not only ensures a quality software product, but also a transparent and optimized method of testing. Our software quality assurance framework includes the following steps:


Gather Project Information

We gather information about the entire development process and make sure we understand all of your expectations regarding performance, throughput, functionality, latency, etc.


Create a Test Plan and Test Strategy

We use the project information we gathered in the first step to understand your expectations and then make a comprehensive plan to meet your project’s needs. Our plans include descriptions, scope, test approach, resources, and many other components


Define QA Rules and Flow

We define QA project rules and flow to ensure that everybody on the entire development team knows how the QA process is going to work. We cover a wide range of topics in this step, including documentation, communication, transparency, roles, tools, and metrics.


Track Metrics

We figure out which metrics will give the insight that project stakeholders need including project, product, process, and people metrics.


Define Reports

We identify what needs to be included in your project-specific reports (project news, test plans, test status, issues risk) and advise you on what reports you need for different types of tests.

Benefits of SetQA

With our software quality assurance framework, you can expect that your software testing process will be:


Your entire software testing process will be clear for all involved


You’ll get up-to-date test documentation that will keep you informed


Your optimized QA process will include well-established rules as well as the best QA flows


You’ll be able to get clear testing estimates on coverage and timing


You’ll have clear reports with informative metrics and test results

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