ML1 — Ticket Automation
Software for Jira

ML1 is a Machine Learning-powered plug-in for Jira that predicts and completes field values in Jira tickets automatically.

About ML1

ML1 is a solution for Jira users who need system assistance in their ticket creation process. By installing the ticket automation software into their corporate system, businesses can:

Reduce the time it takes to create and process Jira tickets

ML1 applies Machine Learning to auto-populate fields in Jira tickets and releases Technical Support Departments from routine processes

Reduce the time when field values are incorrectly completed

After you train the model using historical data, the plug-in starts predicting values in fields accurately based on the summary and description of arriving tickets

Optimize your Technical Support Department workload

While ML1 autocompletes field values, it also reduces requests for assistance with ticket creation. It allows technical engineers to spend more time solving complex cases.

Why ML1:

Works with Jira Server and Data Center

This security measure guarantees that no data will leave your system once ML1 is installed in your internal server.

Easy to install and configurer

Our ticket automation software only requires a few configuration settings for the plug-in to start predicting and auto-completing fields.


ML1 predicts and autocompletes fields for Jira for free. You can download the solution in the Atlassian Marketplace to try the Jira ticket automation in your system.

Schedule your model training

You can set a schedule to dictate when the model will be trained or retrained. The process will then happen automatically.

Predicts multiple field values

You can choose multiple field values that you want ML1 to predict: labels, categories, versions picker, and others. The software works well with Jira Service Desk projects, and you can choose different fields to be predicted for different projects, too.

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How does ML1 work?

Collecting data

The ML plug-in collects historical data from Jira tickets and sends it to an ML Server.

Training a model

The ML Server uses the summary and description fields of historical data to create a training model.

Predicting values

After the model is successfully trained, the ML plug-in starts to predict field values.

Autocompleting field values

The ML plug-in applies auto fill in fields each time Jira users create new tickets.

Getting Started with ML1



Install the ML Plugin into your internal server.


Set Configurations

Choose a field to predict and pick which user will have access to Jira tickets. You can also set a scheduled training or limit the amount of tickets used to train.


Train a Model

Start training a model. You can do this manually or set a schedule for automatic performance.


Start Using ML1

Create new tickets and get auto-filled values in Jira tickets.

Get ML1

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Download ML1