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We build digital marketing solutions to maximize the effectiveness of industry-standard platforms and tools to make development faster, easier, and more accurate. We make a point to open source as many of our solutions as possible to give back to the developer community.

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Exadel Link Inspector for AEM


Based on Web Components, Exadel Smart Library (ESL) is our set of reusable components that provide a standard user experience for videos, images, audio, tabs, and more. ESL components are lightweight and flexible, and they enjoy native support from modern browsers on any platform. ESL improves the appearance, performance, and ranking of any site.

Available Free on GitHub


We created ServerSketch to make setting up and configuring demo UI servers fast and easy. It comes with easy-to-set-up configurations, a predefined page structure and can be used as a base for projects, allowing UI teams to bootstrap their demo servers in a flash.

Available Free on GitHub
Exadel Backpack for AEM

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We use both ESL and ServerSketch for various kinds of websites. Are you looking for more MarTech solutions that are specific to AEM?

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