KeywordFlow -
Automation Framework

KeywordFlow is a keyword driven automation framework for UI and API testing, which allows QA engineers to start test covering in shorter periods of time and improves product quality. This powerful test automation framework was developed for QA Engineers and contains over 170 predefined step definitions using Gherkin language. Any QA can mix, match, and customize our step definitions to create an infinite variety of tests.

Key Features

We developed the KeywordFlow test automation framework based on a combination of Selenium WebDriver and Cucumber Gherkin components.

The automation keyword-driven framework allows users to easily:

  • Define and create testing steps using collections of the most popular user actions and verifications
  • Use predefined testing steps to build more complex test scenarios
  • Make the most out of team resources by quickly training manual QAs to create automated tests under the guidance of an Automation QA
  • Conduct a large variety of testing including: API functional, API integration, UI functional, and UI end-to-end testing
Key Features

Why KeywordFlow

Our Automation keyword-driven framework can solve two of the main obstacles in automation testing:


Monotonous and repetitive operations necessary to create testing steps for the most popular user actions and verifications from one project to another


The knowledge gap between manual and automated engineers when covering project functionality with test scenarios from different perspectives

Key Benefits

You can expect the following functionality when you apply our keyword-driven automation framework to your project:


QA automation and manual teams will be able to quickly write test scenarios


Test cases will be clear and concise so that any stakeholder will understand them


Maintenance costs will decrease as human resources are applied more effectively


Test automation can be planned even before the application is ready


Keywords can be applied to any project since they are not dependent on a programming language


Test development and support will be optimized


Testing is integrated into the entire development process, and isn’t just tacked on at the end

Seamless Integration

Easy integration with cloud services like Sauce Labs

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