We provide IT assessment services for a variety of information technology-related disciplines including Quality Assurance, DevOps, Agile, and Content. Our assessments are based on international best practices and standards and help our customers to see what they’re doing well and what needs to be improved. At the end of every Exadel Assessment, we provide actionable suggestions for improvement, and our specialists are always on hand to help you implement your upgrades.

Our IT Assessment Services

Quality Assurance Audit

Quality Assurance Assessment

The QA Assessment is a carefully constructed evaluation that goes through each area of the QA process to expose inefficiencies and gaps. Our specialists will give you a clear roadmap that shows how to improve your software quality throughout the development lifecycle.

DevOps Audit

DevOps Assessment

With our DevOps Assessment, you’ll identify issues so you can deliver better quality software faster and cheaper. Our specialists are ready to help you analyze and optimize your existing pipeline, integrate an automated Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery pipeline, and use Auto Scaling technologies to stay on budget.

Agile Audit

Agile Assessment

The Agile Assessment helps to identify the strengths and areas for improvement of your business. Our specialists will analyze the key applications of Agile such as customer focus, team, and technical excellence.

Content Marketing Audit

Content Marketing Assessment

Enhance your content marketing strategy with the Content Assessment — a set of content marketing analyses that evaluate your current content through quantitative and qualitative data. We provide you with comprehensive recommendations that tell you what you need to update, delete, add, or maintain.

UX Audit

UX Assessment

The Exadel UX Assessment draws on our extensive experience combined with best practices from the Norman & Nielsen Usability Heuristics to give our customers a clear and detailed understanding of the usability of their mobile or web systems. At the end of the assessment, our customers receive detailed and actionable feedback to improve their user experience.


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