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Wearable tech

Cutting-edge embedded software development

Make no mistake; mobile tech is about to enter a brand new phase when it comes to wearable technology. Exadel is excited to be playing a role in the evolving technology, having partnered with clients on various wearable device projects.

Our deep Android and iOS experience with enterprise and consumer mobile apps matched with our ability to generate innovative tech ideas, makes us a great partner for your wearable project. We have worked and continue to partner with various enterprise companies and startup ventures on their wearable apps for Android Wear and Apple Watch.

Smartwatch and wearable app development is creating new opportunities for enterprises to be at the forefront of their industry. Exadel’s innovation through technology service is a wonderful addition to brainstorm strategic revenue generating ideas on how to capitalize on the high-growth wearable device market and take your business to the next level.

Whether you are leveraging a wearable device (Android Wear, Apple Watch, Samsung Gear, Pebble, FitBit) or a custom-built wearable device, our developers are experienced in designing and building your full-stack software solution.

advantages of working with Exadel on your wearable project:

Identify Business Value
Brainstorm wearable technology product ideas that will drive business opportunities.

Platform Integration
Design and implement apps that are touch-based, interactive, and scale across multiple devices.

Data Validation
Understand and manage data, security, power, and connectivity issues.

Exadel’s project managers and tech team leads communicate with you, your stakeholders, and software and hardware teams to efficiently manage project outcomes while providing strategic insight.

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