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JavaScript that scales

Our developers use the Angular framework, which is written in TypeScript, and is the recommended JavaScript variant we use with the Angular framework. Exadel has extensive experience developing for enterprise-level and Fortune 200 companies using Angular ensuring that we have acquired a proficient level of expertise using TypeScript.

TypeScript is a superset of JavaScript developed by Microsoft. Our developers have found that TypeScript is a great tool for professional development because it adds concepts ‒ like typing ‒ from high-level programming languages to JavaScript, streamlining the overall development process. At the same time, TypeScript compiles to plain JavaScript, so it can be used anywhere JavaScript can be used when developing web applications.

the Exadel difference

Exadel supports TypeScript coding services and provides custom Angular development for building web applications with rich functionality. Our developers have a lot of experience building web-based apps using the Angular framework.

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