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SQL & relational databases

SQL database design, data access, and integration experts

Data is the world, SQL is the map

Do you have unique insight into your data?

Database technologies like Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, Postgres, Amazon RDS, and Google Cloud Spanner power the world’s technology and business. Exadel utilizes these tools to help you create a structured representation of the business insights crucial to your company’s success.

We have over 20 years of experience building software and databases using SQL and relational database and data storage tools to solve the needs of our clients – working with you to understand your business needs and build the most appropriate solution.

To execute well, you need an application powered by your insights. To do this you must have a database and data storage tools that allow you to collect, review, analyze, and report on your data to leverage your vision. Exadel brings your vision to life.

With the explosion of cloud-based services for SQL, we have the experienced team to ensure the use of the most appropriate tool pertinent to your business needs.

every database project is different – our diverse team can help

  • We have experience with Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, Postgres, Google Cloud Spanner, and Amazon RDS
  • We build database solutions with SQL and in combination with many NoSQL technologies
  • We can help you with large-scale data migrations from legacy databases
  • We build systems that scale and handle large transaction loads
  • We integrate with analysis and reporting tools, such as Excel, Power BI, Salesforce, and other third-party tools

our solutions utilize industry best practices, such as:

  • Leveraging transparent data encryption to secure data at rest
  • Using stored procedures and SQL parametrized to prevent SQL injection
  • Row level security for safe data access
  • Multi-tenant database solutions to handle multiple clients
  • Standards for database transactions – ACID (atomicity, consistency, isolation, durability)

client success story

B-cycle - bicycle ride share application

Exadel worked with the B-cycle team to architect a system to support their vision of national and international reach utilizing SQL. For B-cycle to provide riders with a seamless experience, an existing generic, out-of-the box solution would not work.

Exadel utilized SQL when developing bicycle ride sharing mobile app
Exadel used the SQL framework when developing Spyder's update database system

client success story

Spyder - custom order management software

Having outgrown their existing Excel-based system in which order forms, change forms, and updates were all manually created and processed, the team at Spyder knew they needed an upgrade. Exadel performed an architecture audit to identify system challenges and document recommended system improvements followed by developing a new database management system using the SQL framework.

services and skills

Data storage & database design

We help you build a data strategy to solve how your custom web or mobile software application supports your present-day and future business data needs.

Exadel has over 20 years of experience with database development
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