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The Three Levels of QA Automation Testing


Unit Testing

The foundation of your test automation strategy


Integration Testing

Verify that your application integrates with other APIs as expected


Automated UI (e2e) testing

Putting your software through real-world scenarios

Exadel Solutions for QA Automation

We’re happy to provide QA Automation services in whatever way best suits your company, though we’ve found that our original frameworks, made from the best automation products and practices, can often be applied to get the job done. Our frameworks allow manual QAs to write automation test scripts with minimal training and no prior knowledge of programming languages — provided they’re teamed up with an Automation QA.

Unlike most popular approaches, the frameworks are not record tools, yet they can be used at any point in the software development process, and can be demonstrated on potential projects with very little lead time. When fully implemented, our frameworks save time and resources allowing you to run a lean and efficient QA team.

KeywordFlow:  Gherkin-based Component Testing Framework for e2e Automation (JS/Java)
  • BDD (Behavior-Driven Development) + Keyword driven approach
  • Create components or keywords separately
  • Manual QAs use Gherkin-based predefined steps and can send additional keyword requests (step definition) to verify functionality without coding
  • Manual QAs can add additional test data without coding experience
  • Manual QAs operate test data and html selectors
  • Automation team handles the code
TemplateFLow:  WEB-based Component Testing Framework for e2e testing (Java)
  • Manual team comes up with a list of test components and methods to verify
  • Manual QAs can prepare a combination of test data (according to requirements) with no prior coding experience
  • Uses json files — putting test components and filling the components with real html element selectors and test data
  • Automation QAs can add test methods that can be used for testing by the manual QA team
  • Manual QAs operate test data and html selectors
  • Automation team handles the code

Why Us?

We’ve had years of experience organizing and implementing QA Automation testing and we know how to integrate automation at any stage of the Software Development Lifecycle Process. We’re well versed in configuring quality gates that stop your software from progressing to the next stage until issues are remedied — saving you from exhaustive manual QA testing that is part and parcel to outdated and efficient systems. We’ve had extensive experience building pipelines — technical solutions for quality control testing to make sure that software isn’t deployed until it’s ready.

Through our experience, we are able to implement best practices to shift left or right with your testing, whatever works best for you. With Exadel Automation QA services, you’ll not only catch more bugs, you’ll also have detailed reports and statistics that show exactly how your software is performing at every stage of development.

Our ultimate goal is not just to ensure the quality of your products, but also to make sure that we have a system that truly meets your needs.

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