QA Automation Services

Our QA automation engineers will consult with your team to understand your current goals and approaches and prepare an automation testing strategy that fits your business needs. Exadel automated software testing solutions bring together best practices to ensure that your software is production ready every step of the way.

QA Automation Benefits for Businesses

QAA promises major benefits to clients. To help your company reap the full benefits of QA automation testing, our specialists devised a set of processes and best practices. Exadel’s test automation process will help you reach important long-term and short-term goals:

QA Benefits

Save time and money

We’ll do this by:

  • a. Simultaneously running tests on multiple devices, platforms, and browsers
  • b. Detecting bugs at early stages and getting feedback to you faster
  • c. Reusing automated tests
  • d. Verifying high volumes of data

Improve Quality

Improve quality, capacity, and insights


  • a. Run automated tests 24/7
  • b. Increase test coverage
  • c. Improve the accuracy of test results
  • d. Produce robust reporting
  • e. Generate test data

Our QA automation testing services are designed to add business value and produce high-quality software, all while being as transparent and easy to follow as possible.

Our QA Automation Services and Areas of Expertise

We offer a comprehensive set of automation testing services:
1 UI Automation

  • Our QAA team designs test cases and maintains long action scripts to ensure reliable testing of new functionalities and regression testing of your product’s UI.
  • Framework and tools: Selenium, Cucumber, WebDriverIO, Protractor, TestNG, Selenide, Cypress

2 API Testing Automation

We validate software functionality and test integration via API using the following tools: RestAssured, Postman, Karate, Soap UI, Swagger, Fiddler, and Charles

3 Load and Performance Testing

Using LoadRunner or Jmeter, Exadel QA Automation engineers develop automated performance tests for every layer and component of your product or application (network, database, etc.).

4 Mobile Automation

  • We create and run all necessary tests (functional, integration, system, and UI) across major platforms and devices.
  • Framework and tools: iOS, Android, Appium, Espresso, and Robot Framework

5 Analytics Testing

  • The Exadel team uses our deep analytics domain knowledge and analytical solutions to provide your product or application with data validation, defects detection, and investigation.
  • Framework and tools: Google Analytics, Nielsen, Mixpanel, and Optimizely

6 TV Console Testing

  • Our QA automation team provides smart TV expertise with automation services for application quality and smooth digital experience for end users.
  • Framework and tools: Apple TV, Fire TV, Android TV, Xbox, and Roku

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Our Approach to QA Automation

We follow the same basic process for each of our clients to ensure that all our quality assurance efforts are well documented and meet their business requirements.


Initiation Phase

We research and analyze your application and workflow while collaborating with your project team.


Preparation Phase

We integrate the test environment to collect feedback from your team and adapt our QAA approach. We aslo train the team on how to use the QAA framework.


Automation Phase

We perform smoke and regression testing based on the defined metrics and then run regular tests with prepared test data.

Engagement Models

Our team can seamlessly integrate our QA Automation approach, no matter where your QAA is right now:

New Project without QAA

Our main goal in these cases is to prepare a QAA test strategy based on your project’s needs

Project with some QAA, but not a comprehensive strategy

We will audit your project to help us make personalized recommendations and determine the perfect solution for your unique needs

Project with mature QAA

We’ll add our resources to your ongoing process to supplement and/or enhance your team’s abilities

Our Automated Software Testing Solutions

By combining best-in-class tools (Selenium,, protractor, cucumber, TestNG, JUnit, RestAssured, Apache Jmeter, etc.) and processes, we have developed a number of solutions that can be adapted to your existing QAA strategy to help you increase speed and efficiency. Our solutions bridge the gap between your manual and automation testing resources, making it possible to incorporate manual QAs into your automation processes. Our experts will consult with your team to understand how/where our solutions can help and develop a strategy for introducing them into your QA automation processes.
QAA Starterkits

Exadel QAA StarterKits

Exadel QAA StarterKits are sets of ready-to-use libraries that can be applied to a large variety of projects without having to start your QA automation processes from scratch. With most projects, our StarterKits will have you automation testing in days rather than weeks. The StarterKits include reusable testing steps, maximize your manual and automation testing resources, and provide a level of transparency that allows your whole team to read and maintain test cases. Contact Us to set up a live demo of our StarterKits on your project


CRISP is a Google Chrome extension we developed that allows engineers to easily auto-generate test script code. With CRISP, automation QA engineers can auto-generate page objects to avoid tedious copy-paste operations. Manual QAs and Junior Automation QAs can use CRISP as an automation workbook for creating test scripts.

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QAA Crisp

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