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Project outsourcing & staff augmentation

The competition brings bodies, we bring the brains

Getting you the expert resources you need by rightshoring

Extend your team or fill in the technical gaps of your development resources all while keeping your standards and expectations high. Exadel understands value price point, knowing you are looking to augment your team for the best value.

We work with you on your outsourcing and staff augmentation needs. Exadel’s rightshoring process will help you staff a project and respond to business objectives seamlessly.

we can assemble the right team, right now:

  • software engineers and developers
  • QA specialists
  • product managers
  • front end designers
  • project managers

Our developers have the experience to back their STEM degrees. Why does this matter? Because, although boot camps teach basic programming skills, there is a gap in understanding algorithms, data structures, memory management and other core fundamentals. With the exception of a few situations, strong skills greatly improve quality, maintainability, and problem solving. So choose wisely, it will pay off.

Verifone custom enterprise application testing

client success story

Verifone - Application Testing

In the ever-evolving world of technology, developing payment solutions is no exception. VeriFone needed custom Quality Assurance testing solutions that would test both the software and the hardware on a broad range of the POS devices they produce.

services and skills

Enterprise application development

We can help you design, build, and enhance your real-world business solutions using market-leading, innovative technology platforms and services. Our full spectrum of development services helps give you a competitive advantage.

Exadel solves your toughest tech challenges
Exadel delivers QA services that align with your business needs

service and skills

Quality assurance

Exadel provides peace-peace-of-mind so you can focus on your business. We deliver comprehensive quality assurance services through a full understanding of business needs, a phased approach, a high degree of test automation, and performance testing for custom and packaged software products.

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