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Node.js experts

Creating scalable and cutting-edge web applications

User responsiveness is key to modern software and enterprise applications. JavaScript started this revolution and continues to drive innovation in asynchronous development on every platform. Node.js provides the services, tools and structure that allows JavaScript to be used seamlessly as part of enterprise software systems at every level.

Exadel is deeply committed to Node.js. We have delivered enterprise software solutions using Node.js for clients in healthcare, entertainment, financial services, and ecommerce. We’ve also built on other tools connected to the Node.js ecosystem, using Express.js, RabbitMQ, and MongoDB to build scalable, complex applications.

Exadel is your source for projects that rely on Node.js services

We are Committed to Node.js
We have deep bench of developers experienced in Node.js and continue to use the framework daily.

We Use it Internally
Our developers utilize Node.js on home-grown systems to increase our understanding and expand our knowledge base.

Optimal Use & Expertise
Our depth of experience with multiple cloud service providers allows us to pair Node.js with the right tasks on a project.

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