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Exadel has extensive experience designing, developing, and launching native, hybrid, and cross-platform mobile apps of any level and complexity for hundreds of companies across many industries, like transportation, technology, finance, retail, eCommerce, healthcare, and others. Our mobile development department includes qualified UX designers, visual designers and software engineers with deep expertise in mobile web development technologies and provides full-cycle development services from business analysis to delivery, publication and support.

Our company is well known for its innovative mobile development platform which allows to create hybrid mobile and web apps without needing to code. While these apps are based on Cordova, their HTML5 parts could be written with jQuery Mobile, Bootstrap or Ionic framework. Applications based on JQM and Ionic 4 can be written with with virtually no code, as almost all of their business logic can be made in our WYSIWYG AppBuilder. backend among other features offers a visual service workflow builder — a no code feature that connects all types of datasets (RDBMS, NoSQL DB, SOAP, REST etc.) integrating them into a single REST service. Additional business logic can be easily injected in the same service using JS. Your apps can be debugged and tested within the platform. Your binaries files for iOS or Android, ready to be sent to app stores, can be produced with just one click.

Clients Solutions

ubs featured
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A mobile app that connects customers with financial advisors

Exadel developed UBS’s Financial Advisor Mobile (FA Mobile) iOS app. The FA Mobile app is used by UBS financial advisors and contains all customer account and financial information. To parse the applicable account information, the app integrates with UBS’s internal subsystems.

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A Mobile app that enables to increase employee productivity

Exadel developed Mobile App Verint WorkView, which enables employees of any organization to enjoy the benefits of the Verint Customer Engagement Optimization suite while mobile. The app engages and empowers employees by delivering on-demand actionable intelligence on-the-go, and allows them to swiftly respond and take action from the convenience of their own mobile devices.

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