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Business today is driven by digital marketing technology — enabling data acquisition for clean and accurate insights into behavior, personalization, user experience, and the customer journey to the brand.

Exadel Digital Marketing Technology Solutions help the world’s top brands develop and implement leading-edge digital marketing programs designed to drive actionable results. From back-end platform development and infrastructure services to solutions for big data, conversion funnels, footprint authentication, and predictive analytics, Exadel empowers digital marketing with solutions and platforms, including Adobe Experience Cloud and Experience Manager, that drive better business.

We have

  • Deep know-how in Digital Marketing Technology with an emphasis on AEM, including Content Management, Asset Management and Digital Forms
  • Proven real world experience developing sophisticated sites based on Adobe Experience Cloud
  • Value added productivity tools that increase the productivity of implementation teams
  • Site architecture, design and development
  • Legacy site migration to AEM
  • Site audit/renew/upgrade
  • Site support and maintenance

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Digital Solutions

Exadel implements and supports powerful solutions through partnerships such as Adobe Experience Cloud and Experience Manager (AEM) for digital program management, data services, authentication, and reporting for high performing digital marketing programs.

developed by Exadel

Value Added Tools

AEM Authoring Toolkit

A Java-based set of tools (Maven plugin, annotations and utility classes) for an automatic yet versatile and extendable generation of UI elements for AEM authors. The toolkit focuses on providing a next-gen authoring experience in Adobe’s modern Coral UI-powered environment.

Exadel Smart Library

The Library contains flexible and lightweight core components and helpers like carousels, dropdowns, responsive images, embedded-videos, etc.
It simplifies and speeds up the development of components as the logic is pre-built inside the component library and improves code quality by standardizing the approach. Component performance is improved as core components are optimized for performance. The Library components are universal and can be used in simple lightweight pages as well as complex SPA applications based on Angular or React frameworks.

Static UI Ecosystem

The Static UI Ecosystem provides a templatized component based structure for AEM projects allowing authors to jump-start the development of new projects consisting of pages with similar component structures. The ecosystem allows for rapid preview of static components during UI/UX design and before integration with the back-end. Over it helps keep the project structure well-organized.

Website Regression Automation Framework

The framework helps to automate the regression testing of Websites fully or partially. It provides a set of predefined checks as well as a flexible interface for the additional tests specific for the product where it’s integrated.
QA Engineers can be involved in the creation of automated regression tests, and overall it improves the quality and speed of testing while reducing the cost.

Clients Solutions

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Solution based on the AEM tool

As a participating vendor, Exadel is in charge of the website architecture, developing the backend and frontend, implementing the test strategy, and conducting test engineering. The solution is based on the Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) tool.

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