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The roadmap and the vehicle

Innovation Cloud is where consulting meets action in your next technical business decision. Innovation Cloud provides a testing ground for exploring and experimenting with cutting edge technologies like chatbot, blockchain and AI. Once you’ve chosen the technologies that best suit your business goals, the Innovation Cloud platform can make your ideas come to life through prototyping. When it’s time for full-scale production, the Innovation Cloud infrastructure solutions will have you up and running in no time.

Look before you leap

The decisions leaders make are only as good as the information they have before them. This is why gathering information and testing new technology is an important step that’s got to be taken before committing to full-scale production. Failure to do so can lead to costly blunders. Innovation Cloud offers the advantage of experimentation without the need for an astronomical budget — giving you the best information out there before your big commitments.

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Cooperation that fits your needs

You’ll have a number of important decisions to make, and we can help you make them. You’ll start by deciding what tech to use to execute your ideas and then move on to a roadmap, an actionable project plan, a prototype, and finally selecting the right infrastructure for full production. We are set up to fill any gap in your knowledge or current resources with expert help on demand.

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We bring the cloud to you

Unlike traditional innovation labs, your Innovation Cloud exists entirely in your browser. This makes it easy to collaborate across departments and locations, while keeping costs down. Our low-code platform means that you can expect all tech to work quickly, and work well.

From decision to Implementation

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Innovation Lab is not a one size fits all service, we gear everything toward your specific circumstance and needs — that’s why it all begins with a call. We will help you figure out what technical questions you need answered and give you fast results you can use in the immediate future.

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