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HTML5 wizards

Certified developers building apps to fit today’s functionality standards

Exadel has and continues to develop web-based apps using features of HTML5. The technologies associated with HTML5 are making our clients’ content more dynamic and interactive. Our developers use HTML5 to build rich web-based apps that can run on any device via a regular web browser. We pride ourselves in taking care of writing simple and clean code.

HTML5 is the latest version of the HTML web markup language standard. It goes hand-in-hand with responsive web design and allows us to run content on different devices, such as tablets and mobile phone. HTML5 has proven to be an efficient tool to reduce project time and cost.

The combination of CSS3 and HTML5 enables us to create complicated visual effects like rounded corners, shadows, or animations all contained within a couple lines of code.

Important new features of HTML5 are Canvas and Multimedia. It is not required to install external plugins and applications. Forget about Flash Player and other third party media players. Exadel’s developers can make your videos and audio accessible with new HTML5 tags. HTML5 allows us to write simpler code, streamlining the process of updating and improving applications and websites.

the Exadel difference

Exadel supports HTML5 coding services and provides custom HTML5 development for building web applications with rich functionality. Our developers have a lot of experience building web-based apps using HTML5.

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