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Engineer for the Future of Cloud Services

Cloud services drive your business’s efficiency, but what drives your cloud services? Let us help you feel confident in your cloud automation, own your cloud services, and prepare for the future with secure migration. We are invested in the future of your cloud service needs.

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Filling Your Tech Needs

Cloud Migration

We know data is the most important piece of your business. Our cloud migration services are digitally engineered to combine the security and scalability you need to take your legacy system into the future.
Filling Your Tech Needs

Cloud Application Development

You need instant analytics from complex data sets. We engineer sophisticated analytics engines for the Cloud. Let us do the heavy lifting and innovation—all while drastically reducing your IT costs.
Filling Your Tech Needs


Part of tapping into the wave of digital transformation that’s taking business to a new level is changing the way development works. We have been early trailblazers in the implementation of DevOps as an enabler for responsive agile IT. Let us guide you along this trail.
Filling Your Tech Needs

Hybrid Cloud Development

We know how to help you into a complete cloud migration. We also know a complete migration is not always the solution for your particular needs. We have you covered either way. Let us help you assess the right path for your organization…and get you on that path all the way to where you need to be.
Filling Your Tech Needs

Cloud Solutions for Big Data

Big Data drives mission critical operations that you depend on. We leverage leading-edge analytics and global digital software engineering talent to create cloud solutions that never fail to deliver.
Filling Your Tech Needs


We don’t expect you to have all the answers. That’s why we’re here to help. We can help you assess business value and implementation of your cloud needs with our elite group of engineers, project managers, and leadership team.

Our Clients Love Us

“They have a real personal commitment to the success of the overall program. The level of commitment was remarkable.”

Chief Security Architect
Fortune 500 Healthcare Company

7+ Year Dedicated Team

"Exadel’s rapid scalability and willingness to deliver in high-pressure situations continue to support this long-term partnership.”

Director of Software Dev
Information Services Company

10+ Year Dedicated Team

"The team displayed exceptional project management and communication, leading to a successful long-term partnership."

Media Broadcast Company

Custom Software Development

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Exadel assembles the right team of skilled and dedicated resources, extending tech teams in a distributed environment. With a global presence and close proximity to US- and European-based clients, Exadel helps clients secure cost-effective, expert resources.

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