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DevOps technologies bring together the concerns of an enterprise under a single banner

business value ideas
Creating technology that delivers business value
quick software releases
Releasing software quickly and on schedule
Scalable software
Building great software that is scalable, extendable, and maintainable
Complete software testing
Testing software as completely and quickly as possible
Multiple environment software deployment
Deploying software into multiple environments for multiple stakeholders
Software monitoring
Monitoring and managing software in production to ensure that every employee has the tools they need ,when they need them

CrossKube & IaC is our unique perspective and strategy for implementing DevOps:

Infrastructure as Code (IaC)

Using a modern DevOps stack we can define our application environment with code. This means that we can easily redeploy an application or reconstitute an entire environment using DevOps tools such as Terraform, Git, Jenkins, and Kubespray.


CrossKube - solution to help enterprises quickly deploy a Kubernetes environment in any cloud

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