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Data Storage & Design

Exadel possesses a global team of developers and consultants who specialize in developing custom applications running on both Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud platforms. Our diverse skill set allows us the flexibility to choose between platforms according to our clients’ business requirements.


Exadel’s approach to storage platform development is both contemporary and traditional, as our experience incorporates both types of cloud-based storage platforms. Our developers are able to comprehend all available options and employ each option effectively.

Developing the Foundation of Your Enterprise Solutions

we have experience with traditional relational data storage and cloud-based data storage platforms

  • SQL Databases
  • Azure Tables
  • Google BigTable
  • Redis
  • Amazon S3
  • Blob Storage
  • NoSQL


Explore our database enterprise application services

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Google Cloud Development

Our developers have built and deployed applications to the Google Cloud platform and have practical experience leveraging many Google Cloud Services as a part of building scalable and integrated enterprise applications.

Learn more about our extensive experience using Google Cloud Platform and services
NoSQL database solutions

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NoSQL Database Solutions

Exadel has extensive experience working with different alternatives to SQL and with guiding our clients to the best database solution. Our experience with NoSQL is broad and deep. Our popular mobile app platform, Appery.io, uses MongoDB as its back-end database.

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Relational Database Solutions

We have over 15 years of experience building software and databases to solve the needs of our clients. We work with companies to understand their business needs to build solutions.

Relational Database Solutions

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