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Exadel offers content marketing services for tech companies — i.e., IT service providers, promising technology startups, and R&D units of global corporations. We’ll help you showcase your technical expertise and products and outrank your competitors on Google. Whether you need full-time assistance with technical content writing or just a standalone article intended for Mashable, we are here to help you. If you’ve got your own content writing team, our Marketing Technology Practice can create the tech you need to carry out your digital marketing strategy.

Content Marketing Services for IT Companies

Written Media
Our content marketing services for tech companies include writing blog posts, interviews, guests posts, and case studies, as well as internal/external newsletters and announcements
SEO Content
As part of our SEO content writing services, we research keywords, seamlessly integrate them into your website copy, check the keyword density, and create SEO-friendly page titles and meta descriptions
Our team of native English experts will proofread any English-language content that you share on your website and social channels, or send to your prospects
Social Media
We help IT companies draft, edit, and proofread posts that fit the criteria for all major social media channels
Naming & Brainstorming
We’ll help your company, departments, teams, products, and apps come to life with original and relevant names
Website Content
Our content marketing team drafts, edits, and proofreads standalone landing pages and entire websites from start to finish
We create internal and external-facing presentations for products, solutions, applications, and entire companies
Revising & Verifying Content
We transform your content through tech-expert verification, industry best practices, and English expertise

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Our Content Creation Process



We discuss your goals and the scope of work


Creating Tasks

We detail your specific content requirements so we can generate what you need



We draft copy in collaboration with our developers and SEO experts


Internal Review

We make sure the whole task is covered and the English is perfect


Client Verification

We consult with you to make sure that your expectations are met



We finalize the content according to your feedback and deliver it to you

Content Marketing Services Tailored
to Your Unique Needs

We provide flexible content marketing services for IT companies. Whether you’re aiming for monthly content delivery or a one-off project, we’re here to help.

Solution Approach

We take responsibility for all content marketing for tech companies from ideation to delivery. All you’ll need to do is give input and approval at various stages.

Retainer Model

We’re on call to help you with content. You’ll have our experts standing by to fill your needs with a quick turnaround.

Monthly Packages

A fixed amount of content delivered on a monthly basis. You define the amount of content you need each month, as well as the specifics of each piece, and we’ll be responsible for delivering it according to an agreed upon schedule.

Content On-Demand

An a la carte menu for whatever content you need. Choose from our extensive list of content marketing services to receive individual pieces of content or individual services for your IT company.

How we can work together?
Let’s discuss!

How we can work together?
Let’s discuss!

Why Us

Tech Expertise

Tech Expertise

We’re a tech company at heart, which is why we are the right content writing team for your IT company.

Native English Expertise

Native English Expertise

Our Native English team analyzes and corrects every piece of content before it goes out, ensuring it’s 100% accurate and reads well.

Marketing Technology Specialists

Marketing Technology Specialists

We cooperate with our extensive Marketing Technology Practice to build the tech behind the content, which empowers your marketing plans and ensures excellent returns.

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