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Big Data & Analytics

We have extensive experience leveraging insights hidden in your data by maximizing effectiveness with innovative business models, data monetization, resource utilization, and transparency.


We have created many different systems that aggregate terabytes of data and provide immediate analytic results, while offering analytics consulting, analytics solutions, and data outsourcing. We have built applications that provide huge reports based on business needs derived from billions of data points of unstructured data.

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Big Data Outsourcing & Support

Our dedicated and skilled team specialize in a wide scope of analytic needs, including insights and analysis, implementation of big data tools, and cloud computing. Our analysts have strong mathematical and business expertise as well as a deep knowledge of machine learning, artificial intelligence, and cognitive learning technologies. We can augment your team or manage a specific project to help you succeed.

Exadel provides big data outsourcing and support solutions
Business analytics and big data solutions

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Business Analytics

We have over 5 years of experience in big data analysis, customer journey mapping, designing, and implementing data warehousing systems. Our analytic solutions streamline and future proof your data processing and analytical needs. We provide solutions for the financial, healthcare, eCommerce, retail, HR, tech industries, among many others.

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Business Intelligence Technology

Our insight into business opportunities and problems allow us to understand the questions needed for the solution to problems. Our data scientists gather raw data from internal and external sources to find and search for unexpected and valuable events, patterns, and insights. We design secure, scalable, and affordable solutions across a wide stack of tools and technologies to support current and future Business Intelligence (BI) needs.

Big data and BI technology solutions
Customer analytics and big data solutions

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Customer Analytics

We design, develop, and deliver complex analytic systems to support competitive intelligence for various business cases using the latest methods of data collection, analysis, and processing. Our solutions provide the analysis and knowledge to better manage sales, marketing activities, fraud detection, and internal processes. In addition, our clients see an increase in sales from analytics information on cross-sell & up-sell modeling, customer segmentation, profiling, and customer journey analytics.


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