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Business analytics & big data

Maximize effectiveness with innovative business models, data monetization, resources utilization, and transparency

Leveraging powerful insights hidden in your data

As societies and economies have progressed and become steadily more complex, the sheer volume of data generated by different institutions has exploded. We’ve moved far beyond gigabytes and terabytes (1,024 gigabytes) as the standard currency of business and government data to petabytes (1,024 terabytes) or exabytes (1,024 petabytes). In this data is a vast store of useful information. Overcoming the challenges of sheer volume, streaming, data uncertainty, and the broad variety of forms (Web, sales, customer contact centers, social media, mobile data, etc.) is required though to tap into this information.

We’ve already seen great benefits from tapping into Big Data. For example, in healthcare, automated external and internal reporting of patient data has improved the industry’s efficiency. Another example, in government, is in developing better management of traffic congestion.

Exadel has extensive experience in using your Big data through Analytics Consulting, Analytic Solutions, and Analytic Outsourcing. Our developers have experience in both Hadoop distributions and the Big Data processing tools (HDFS, Impala, Spark, Oozie, ZooKeeper, etc.) and related technologies (Cassandra, Mongo, deployment and monitoring systems, etc.). We’ve been creating many different systems aggregating terabytes of data and providing immediate analytical results for clients in milliseconds. We’ve also built applications that provides huge reports based on business needs and derived from billions of data points of unstructured data.

Exadel is aware that there are a lot of different tools to work with Big Data. So, when we approach a project, we don’t confine ourselves to one set of tools. Instead, we use our deep expertise to select the tools and technologies that best suit the data and processing needs of our customers.

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Analytic solutions

Business analytics and big data services dedicated to solve specific business challenges as well as to support decision making in an agile and innovative approach.

Proven on-demand industry solutions and applications of the leading software providers. Own solutions in HR and mobile marketing & sales.

Business and technical staff outsourcing from developers to interim management covering all areas of analytics (e.g. big data, customer journey, data warehouse). Complex and unique outsourcing model for processes and analytical functions.

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Customer analytics

Cross-sell and up-sell modelling for quick and sustainable growth of revenue and profit.

Customer segmentation and profiling to better understand who our customers are and what are their needs and behaviours.

Churn modeling to prevent leakage of customers – we can identify by survival analyses what is the risk of customer to churn and when such process may likely to happen over time.

Next best action – we design an engine with number of propensity models enriched by event detection engine and rules engine to determine the best potential next action for customer to ensure achievement of business goals.

Acquisition modeling – by usage of web analytics and other advanced techniques like social network analytics, social media analytics we can help to reach prospect customers and convert them to YOUR customers.

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Big data & business intelligence technology

Big data solutions - We gather company related data (external and internal) for exploration and search for unexpected and valuable events, patterns and insights. We design solutions that are scalable, inexpensive and are the real option for commercial products to build blocks of next generation BI solutions.

Performance review and improvement of existing solutions - We deliver tools for measurement of real performance of BI and analytics platforms. Based on our experience, we can significantly improve processing and availability of business data.

Revitalization of legacy BI environments - We do all the processes of BI solutions modernization, starting from definition of new expectations, followed by analysis of current state and finishing with preparation of cost effective new architecture design and then transformation including data migration and business change management.

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