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Blockchain Solutions

Our blockchain solutions enable companies across multiple industries to free up capital flow, provide security and trust, lower costs, and speed up internal processes.


Our team of US and EU based developers strategize, prototype, provide proof of concept, and implement single shared ledgers that are tamper evident and unalterable. The benefits of blockchain are critical for enterprises in the multifaceted and ever-changing tech landscape.

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blockchain projects

European Bank

Our team partnered with a leading European bank to develop a proof of concept (POC) that included a ledger, wallet, and cryptotokens to register and manage assets. It addressed many of the common questions and issues facing blockchain implementations.

Exadel and anonymous European bank project
Blockchain and ticket exchange project

blockchain projects

Ticket Exchange System

We developed and implemented a working prototype using blockchain and its methodology to facilitate ticket exchanges. The end solution allows artists, venues, and consumers to buy and resell concert tickets through the use of contracts, wallets, and exchange platforms.

industry highlight
Financial Services
Since our launch in 1998, Exadel has grown around our flagship financial services practice, so you can count on our deep expertise and extensive knowledge of financial services and IT security solutions. We offer services covering all tech needs, from operations to customer-facing application integration.
Exadel Financial Services and Solutions

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