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Blockchain/distributed ledger

Ensuring business-critical data is secure

Do you know how and where blockchain technology will impact your business interests and customers? Or, how your organization should be thinking about blockchain?

We do. Our team supports our clients with the world-changing data and transactional blockchain technologies.

There’s a growing consensus that these technologies (grouped together under the heading ‘Distributed Ledger’) have broad and practical applications in finance, healthcare, and other industries.

Exadel’s development team works with clients to understand the implications of distributed ledgers, including the open source platforms Ethereum and Hyperledger. We use Ethereum and Hyperledger to provide application-centric blockchain capabilities allowing our clients to work with public ledgers or building our clients their own private ledger.

uses of blockchain

  • Global marketplaces
  • Digital representation of assets
  • Smart contracts
  • Voting
  • Personal data ownership and management
  • M2M commerce

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industry highlight

Financial services

Learn how we're impacting the financial services industry.

Verifone custom enterprise application testing

client success story

Application testing

In the ever-evolving world of technology, developing payment solutions that keep up with compliance standards is complex. VeriFone needed a custom quality assurance testing strategy that would test both the software and the hardware on a broad range of the point-of-sale (POS) devices they produce.

client success story

Customer-to-advisor app

We partnered with UBS in developing a custom app for UBS' financial managers to better serve their clients. The mobile app had to interface with UBS' existing system and required the most up-to-date security for all of their financial data.

Exadel partnered with UBS in the development of their consumer-facing mobile app
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