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Application transformation & modernization

Reengineer your business solutions

Rebuilding an existing application – often called a rebuild, application rebuild, system redesign, or something similar – is a special kind of project. Because you have an existing application in place, you have to think about a number of things differently – design, requirements, testing, and roll out. Each of these has unique requirements when rebuilding an existing application.

At exadel we have over 20 years of experience with application rebuilds and know how to handle your project. We understand the specialized steps that are necessary when recreating and re-imagining the app that you already have.

Work with a team that has experience with varied and complex application rebuild-specific challenges. Give us a call and we can assist you with your rebuild project.

why partner with exadel on your application rebuild? because we work with you to understand:

  1. USER INTERVIEWS – who uses the application today and how do they use it?
  2. DATA MIGRATION – do you need to migrate data from one system to another?
  3. DATA VALIDATION TESTING – do you need to perform data validation related to complex calculations?
  4. APPLICATION ROLL OUT – when, where, and how will you switch off the old software system and begin using the new system
  5. TRAINING – how will you train your team on the new system?

Don’t fall into the trap of thinking, “It will be easy because it is a rebuild.” While application rebuilds can be easy, they can also be very challenging, depending on many of the possible factors and unique system requirements.

Advantages of an application rebuild with exadel:

  • You’ll serve your end users more effectively
  • The new system will grow with your business and be “future proof”
  • Your business risk will decrease by removing technology that is obsolete
  • You’ll experience better reliability and increased efficiency
  • Your cost structure will be in better alignment
  • We can help you with trained staff for continued maintenance

service and skills

Code audit and system review

As a leading expert in custom software development and system architecture, we know code. We can review your legacy applications to mitigate risk and create more value.

client success story

Arrow Electronics - Web Management System

Exadel partnered with Arrow to develop a management system. With 17,000 employees worldwide, Arrow needed a way to enhance company communication at a global level using a web-based system.
Exadel offers legacy system support and ongoing application optimizations

services and skills

Enterprise application support

Supporting your current legacy system means finding the right price point to ensure efficiency and quality in some of the hardest development environments. Code that has been developed, updated, and maintained by many developers over many years requires a certain type of expertise for effective problem-solving. Our team of development support specialists can tackle the hardest of legacy solutions and provide ongoing application enhancement.

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